Bath Soaps

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  1. Bvlgari Man In Black
    3.5 oz Shaving Soap
    $35.00 37% Off
    be. price $21.95
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  2. Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills
    5.0 oz Scented Soap with Grooming Stone
    $23.99 29% Off
    be. price $16.95
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  3. 4711 by Muelhens
    3.5 oz Creme Soap Bars
    $11.00 56% Off
    be. price $4.79 As low as $4.49
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  4. Aramis by Aramis for Men
    5.7 oz Soap on a Rope
    $22.00 15% Off
    be. price $18.69
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  5. Follia di Aquarama for Men
    4.2 oz Perfumed Transparent Soap
    $25.00 32% Off
    be. price $16.99
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  6. Amouage Interlude Man
    5.3 oz Perfumed Soap
    $40.00 0% Off
    be. price $39.95
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17 products available

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Men’s Bath Soaps

At Beauty Encounter, we make sure that you can stay scented, clean and fresh with ease. Our collection of men’s bath soaps was particularly developed for just this purpose. Now you can look good, smell good and feel good too by bathing our collection of refreshing, designed scented soaps. With brands like Floris, Bronnley, Aramis for Men, Muelhen and more, you can ensure that you about your day, smelling and feeling refreshed.

Great Options

When it comes to options, you are going to love the collection available. From well known and renowned brands to foreign soaps like Follia di Aquarama for Men, you can easily find the perfect scented soap for your needs. Buy them as is or with a grooming stone or even opt for soap on a rope. Regardless of the kind of soap you require, you can find the best men’s bath soap for yourself.

Growing Inventory

Our inventory of scented men’s bath soaps is a small one but it is one that we are constantly expanding. With our quest to ensure that you get the very best, we make sure our inventory contains men’s bath soaps from the best designer brands available. If you don’t find one in a brand you like, don’t be disappointed. Let us know which brand you’d like to see and we’ll try to get our hands on it for you.

Amazing Prices

We love spoiling our clientele and take great pride in being able to offer our clientele with the very best at a fraction of the price. Shop till you drop with our amazing prices, reward points and enjoy a discount of up to 70% on our scented men’s bath soaps. Grab your favorite bath soaps for men now and stay refreshed and clean with our help.