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Bath & Body WorksBath & Body Works makes products that don’t just make you look beautiful, they make you feel beautiful as well. The fragrances that emanate from their product transport you to another, more beautiful place in your mind. Beauty Encounter is happy to stock the best-selling products from Bath & Body products for our customers. Gift Wrap A Smile This infamous brand claims to make its customers smile. And utterly truthful they are, for, ever since they came into the market over 20 years ago, they have been providing the world with the most unforgettable fragrances to date. People around the globe not only want to have something from their creations for themselves, but Bath & Body Works has become a highly appreciated gift as well. Some all-time favorite scent are Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar and Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom.Keeping that in mind, Beauty Encounter has made sending beauty gifts to your loved ones a piece of cake. On your request, we gift wrap the items you order with us, and have a variety of packaging options too. We have a clean-slate record of satisfied customers and pride ourselves over providing reliable services. Known For the Best Our products are 100% genuine. We have been privileged with high ratings and honorary titles from well reputed consumer advocate websites and try our best to stick to our mission. That is, to be the most trusted and affordable beauty destination online. Beauty for Everyone strongly believe that beauty should be for everyone. We make certain to keep plenty of discounts and special offers available on our site, to help every one of you get the product you desire. Check out our “Hot Deals” and "Deals of the Week" sections for big discounts. Signing up to our Email list will keep you updated about all our sales, lucrative coupons, and deals as well as promotional offers. Join our free be. reward points program to earn while you shop!
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  1. Bath & Body Works Electric Blue Sky
    8.0 oz Amazing Body Cream
    $13.50 11% Off
    be. price $11.99
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  2. Bath & Body Works Coco Shea Honey
    8.0 oz Ultra Conditioning Bath & Shower Jelly
    $16.50 23% Off
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  3. Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint
    8.75 oz Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
    $9.95 35% Off
    be. price $6.50
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  4. Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss
    8.0 oz Ultra Shea Body Cream
    $13.00 20% Off
    be. price $10.35
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