Aromatherapy Scent-sations!

You may have seen aromatherapy products, but perhaps you’ve wondered what they really are and how they work. In aroma therapy, essential oils and other scented materials are used to improve both psychological and physical health.

How can this be? You probably know that a particular scent can bring back a memory or association. In addition, you probably respond favorably to some fragrances, but not to others. Our reactions – both conscious and unconscious – to the things we smell are part of this process. While everyone has personal preferences, some scents have similar effects on many people. For example, most people find lavender to be a soothing, relaxing scent and most people have positive reactions to the smell of vanilla. Other fragrances such as cinnamon and nutmeg can be energizing and revitalizing.

To take advantage of the effects of a particular scent, you can purchase pure essence or you can find health and wellness products already infused with the aroma. Fragrances are available in many forms, other than classic perfumes; you can get personal fragrance products in lotion, powder, cream and spray forms. You can also find aroma products for your home including diffusers, which gently release a scent into the environment over time, room sprays and candles.

If you prefer to create your own custom scents, you can use essential oils and add them to unscented lotions, soaps, bath salts or just dab drops on your pulse points. Experiment by combining some of your favorite oils to make custom scents. Add a refreshing citrus oil such as orange to a spicy ginger for an uplifting experience. Or try blending a drop of spearmint with lavender for a healing combination.

You can also make your own diffusers by putting essential oils in a glass bottle with a narrow neck and placing diffuser reeds in the bottle to slowly distribute the scent.

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