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Eyebrow Tweezers Create Finished Brows

Regardless of your preference, the best tweezers are just a click away. One person may prefer a pointed tip while another may be completely happy with an angled tip. Some tweezers come with a built-in magnify glass or a led light. The mission is to pluck away-unwanted facial hair and everyone has his or her own way to accomplish this.

Well-groomed brows will give you a polished look. Great brows will frame the face and draw more attention to the eye area. It is critical not to over look this small but important part of the face.

Perfect for quick brow cleanups; look for a tweezer that has an angled tip so it can grab even the finest hairs. Daily or weekly, depending on your hair growth, look to tweeze random hairs that may have appeared under, over and between the brows. Tweezing will give you a flawless look in-between brow appointments.

The inner corner of your brow should line up with the inner corner of the eye. When tweezing, always pull the hair in the direction of the hair growth, in a quick motion. If there are too many hairs to remove, it would probably be a good idea to have a professional wax or thread your brows.

If brows are sparse as a result of over plucking (or other reasons), be sure to fill in the holes with color. By using an eyebrow pencil or shadow, you will strengthen the look of the brows. For a natural look, make sure the color matches your brows. If using a pencil, draw short, hair like lines and then blend back through with an eyebrow brush. The right brow shade should complement your hair color.

recent eyebrow tweezers product reviews

Best Tweezer
Best Tweezer By lydja from Central Coast, California on 03/28/2014
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Compact, Effective
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Travel
Comments about Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer - Flamingo Pink, Model No. 1248-FPR:
These are the best Tweezer's I have used. I can grab even the smallest/shortest hairs and pull them out by the roots! Because they are small and come with their own container, they will also be great for travel. Very cute pink color :)

Love Tweezerman!
Love Tweezerman! By Leland Girl from Leland, NC on 01/08/2014
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Compact, Effective, Functional
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Travel
Comments about Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer - Flamingo Pink, Model No. 1248-FPR:
Tweezerman products are always well made and worth the extra cost. These tweezers are very small and easy to carry in my purse. I have a larger size to keep at home.

helped my nails
helped my nails By makeuplisa from hartford on 03/06/2013
Comments about Tweezerman Shape and Shine Nail Tool, Model No. 3427-R:
this really helped to buff up my nails, they looked great after just one use of this tool

for even the tiniest of hairs
for even the tiniest of hairs By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
 Review of Revlon Tweezer Straight Tip (1 Review)
Comments about Revlon Tweezer Straight Tip:
this is a great tweezer, have been using it for years.

Twist-n-Roll tweeaers
Twist-n-Roll tweeaers By Nancy from Michigan on 09/01/2012
 Review of Twist-n-Roll Tweezers (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Don't Like:Expensive, Hard to Use, Ineffective, Not Functional
Recommended Uses:Daily Use
Comments about Twist-n-Roll Tweezers, Model No. GHA-102 (Assorted Colors):
I have a friend who recommended highly, so I bought $100 worth of these to share with my girls but my first week left me very disappointed. It started out fair, but then just quite grabbing my little hairs. One of the girls already using it bought two and one doesn't work at all, like mine. Maybe the quality is not 100% which I would expect. At the cost it is worth it, but not working I would like at least an exchange.

Best Tweezers Ever
Best Tweezers Ever By MadameJanet from Hoboken NJ on 08/28/2011
 Review of Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Red (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Compact, Easy to Use, Effective, Functional, Great Design, Great Value
Recommended Uses:Casual Use, Daily Use, Travel
Comments about Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Red, Model No. 1230-RR:
Best eyebrow tweezers ever! Had last pair for 10 years, but dropped them sigh. Gets every little hint of an eyebrow hair.

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