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Keep them Clean with Toothpaste

The lure of a perfect smile – crisp white teeth, perfectly aligned. A grin to attract, a smile to invite, everyone is after pearly whites and a great smile that pops. From dental visits to teeth whitening, we all want a smile to make a lasting impression and teeth worth showing off. A great place to start: finding the best toothpaste to fight, protect and whiten your teeth with every use. But with pastes ranging from fluoride to whitening agents, it’s hard to know what toothpaste is the best. Take a look at what Beauty Encounter considers to be the top front-runners.

Many of us ask, what type of dental paste should I use? Most dentists recommend a gel, powder or paste containing fluoride. Fluoride dentifrices work great to eliminate plaque, prevent cavities and they help to polish tooth enamel. If you are after a fresh and clean feel, dentifrices containing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are great cleaning agents. For the many out there who suffer from hypersensitive teeth, finding a paste designed to build enamel and protect against sensitivity is recommended. So what does where does that lead us?

Tom’s of Main Natural Anticavity Fluoride dental paste is a natural toothpaste containing calcium fluoride to help achieve a deep clean and prevent cavities. For the naturalist out there, no harsh preservatives, dyes or artificial sweeteners are used in this paste. Also in the line, Tom’s of Main Antiplaque Tartar Control Plus Whitening paste leaves your mouth healthy. The dentifrice rids the teeth of plaque and controls tartar buildup. And, as an added perk, the paste whitens teeth, removing stains while you brush.

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste is another top pick. With fluoride content to make enamel stronger, mint flavor for lasting freshness and with whitening agents, this paste covers it all - freshness to fight bad breath, cleanliness to combat cavities and decay and whitening agents to keep teeth at their whitest.

If your teeth need a little brightening, Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste with Micro-Pulverized Sodium Bicarbonate is an option to try. With daily use, dental stains are visibly lightened for a whiter smile. It’s great for cleaning, as well. The paste penetrates into even the smallest furrows for deep cleansing and gentle polishing.

For fresh breath, clean teeth and pearly whites, explore the gels, pastes and powders on Beauty Encounter to keep your smile at its best.

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