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Trend in Oral Care

Keep your Smile Bright with Electric Toothbrushes

We may not like going, but the deep cleaning you get after a dental visit makes it all worthwhile. Teeth are polished, plaque is removed and overall freshness is restored. The problem is, we go home and continue to use our manual toothbrushes, which, let’s face it, do a mediocre job at removing food debris and plaque buildup. More dentists are recommending electric toothbrushes as a solution to keeping teeth clean in between office visits. Daily, we floss, brush and rinse to keep our teeth free from decay and cavities. Choosing the right toothbrush can make a difference in dental hygiene. With powered brushes, the benefits are many. Here are a few reasons you may want to make the switch.

For many who brush too hard, the harsh force can damage the tissue that covers our gums, causing irritation and premature recession. At the same time, rough brushing strips our teeth’s protective layer and enamel, causing sensitivity to stimuli, heat and cold. Many people are making the switch to a powered toothbrush because it protects their mouth’s health. With powered toothbrushes, bristles move faster and with less pressure; great for deep, but safe, cleaning of teeth and gums.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when selecting a powered brush, Supersmile Professional Series II LS45 Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush is highly recommended. With sonic technology and 45-degree angled bristles, the brush removes plaque and bacteria beneath the gum line. Soft nylon bristles ensure enamel won’t be stripped and with the 30,000 advanced sonic strokes, it is easy to polish and whiten tooth enamel. In short, it’s a great way to clean gums without harsh effects.

Keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean between dental visits by using powered brushes. Angled brushes are perfect for the hard-to-reach cracks and the soft and fast moving bristles will help you accomplish the deep dentist-office clean you are after.

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recent toothbrush product reviews

Simplicity By Happy with this product from Huntington Beach, CA on 03/15/2013
Comments about Zadro UV Toothbrush Disinfectant Scanner, Model No. TOOW1 - White:
There is nothing better than this UV toothbrush sanitizer. It takes absolutely zero effort to use. Just brush your teeth, put it in the case and watch it go to work. The next day, your toothbrush will be as clean as new.

Really is Amazing
Really is Amazing By Torri from Huntington Beach, CA on 03/15/2013
What I Like:Durable, Easy to Use, Great Value
Comments about Zadro UV Toothbrush Disinfectant Scanner, Model No. TOOP1 - Pink:
Very effective and easy to use. Doesn't require any effort, just put your toothbrush in and close the case. Disinfects in minutes. Absolutely worth the buy.

CLEAN! By Helen from Huntington Beach, CA on 03/15/2013
Comments about Zadro UV Toothbrush Disinfectant Scanner, Model No. TOOB1 - Blue:
This is a truly underestimated product, not sure why more people don't have one. Our mouths are are one of the germiest places in our bodies, and who really knows what's on our toothbrushes when not in use. Seriously recommend.

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