Tongue Cleaners Help Keep Breath Fresh

Bad breath – it happens to all of us. But when the onions and garlic aren’t to blame, it’s time to look at the overall health of your mouth. Our mouth is like a jungle, harboring viruses, bacteria and fungi. We all know brushing and flossing is vital, a way to clear out the plaque hiding between our teeth’s cracks. But focusing solely on your pearly whites won’t always fix your bad breath problem. The unappealing and funky scent your smelling could be coming from your tongue, a moist surface bacteria is drawn to. Fortunately, cleaners and scrapers specifically designed for your tongue can help keep your mouth healthy. Beauty Encounter is here to help. With a selection of tongue cleaners, your mouth can be restored to its best.

Millions of bacteria from more than 600 different species all live in your mouth. Don’t panic, the majority are harmless. While some of the germs are digested and killed off by stomach enzymes, saliva also helps to attack bacteria. Nevertheless, our mouth is a gateway to our body and mouth bacteria can contribute to diseases in humans. Take measures to keep your mouth, teeth and tongue, healthy and clean.

Tongue cleaning is an important step to oral hygiene and a quick and effective way to eliminate bad breath. Tongue scrapers are great oral hygiene devices designed to clean food debris, fungi and the bacterial build-up that lives on your tongue. Most dental experts recommend using the scraper twice daily for optimal health. Supersmile has a device specifically to clean the tongue. The rippled cleaner can be bent into a “U” shape to reach to the back of the tongue as well. Lightly scrape your tongue several times to clear away food and bacteria. The product can be bought individually or in packs of six. In any case, the plastic stick is easy to clean and can be reused if properly cleaned.

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