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Temporary Hair Color

Do you have hair coloring fears? Temporary hair coloring can electrify dull, boring hair. Go wild, add streaks, it won’t last too long! Temporary hair dye is also used to touch up re-growth in-between hair appointments. It’s time to get creative with your hair, regardless if you’re testing out a new color or having fun.

Unless you want an alternative look, before choosing a hair color, you will need to examine your skin tone. What looks natural on one person may not on another. What are the color of your eyes and complexion? Hazel, green or blue eyes with fair to light skin are considered a cool tone. Brown or black eyes with dark skin are considered to be a warm tone. People with cool tones should stick with hair color that is beige or ash-based. Warm tones should lean towards medium or dark-based colors.

Certain tools will be needed when using hair color: gloves, dark towel, timer, Vaseline and a plastic cap. Before getting started, a barrier is needed to prevent the dye from staining the skin. Apply Vaseline along the hairline and ears. Starting with small sections of hair, apply the dye from the root to the tips. Remember, read the instructions thoroughly prior to coloring, and the processing time starts when you start applying.

Sun and shampooing will speed up the life span of your color and cause it to fade out sooner. Avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs, as the chlorine will also fade the color quickly.

Shampoo products formulated for color-treated hair are recommended.

Don’t worry about what season it is, use a color that suits your personal style and complexion. When in doubt, go a bit lighter rather than darker. Making subtle, gradual changes with color is sometimes the best choice.

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