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New Tooth Whitening Products You Can Use at Home

Not so long ago, if you wanted whiter, brighter teeth, you had to go to your dentist for a professional treatment. However, new innovations in oral care have brought an array of home tooth whitening products onto the market, making them accessible to nearly everyone.

The most common of the over-the-counter whitening products is toothpaste. While all toothpaste works to remove particles and stains from your teeth, those designed specifically for teeth whitening contain polishing ingredients to really get your teeth their cleanest. Pastes work only on the surface and will not bleach your teeth; they can, however, restore your teeth to their original white while they clean and freshen.

Toothpastes aren’t your only home options for teeth whiteners. Recently a number of new offerings have become available. Look for rinses, strips, gels and tray-applied whitening treatments. These use whitening ingredients, often hydrogen peroxide-based, to bleach and remove discoloration. There are even gums designed to help whiten teeth! In general, toothpaste and rinse treatments will be gentler and have slower results. If you are looking for faster whitening, look for products with bleaching applications that you leave on for a brief duration daily.

How do you know if a whitening product would be right for you? If you feel like your teeth have stains, and you’d like a brighter smile, you may be a candidate. Many foods can stain your teeth, but some of the most common culprits are coffee, tea, wine and berries. Smoking also leaves brown stains on teeth.

Whitening agents are often more expensive than basic oral care products. However, when compared to the cost of professional cosmetic dental treatments, they are really quite economical.

Keep in mind that no whitening treatments are permanent. You will probably want to repeat any treatments periodically; using whitening toothpastes and rinses on an ongoing basis can help maintain your brightest smile.

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