Beauty Buzz on Bath Sponges

Bath Sponges are a Nice Alternative to a Wash Cloth

A shower sponge is a convenient all-over cleaning option to the standard wash cloth. Any sponge will do for applying soap or shower gel, although getting creative with the color of your sponge, and changing up the type of sponge for different uses can expand your experience.

Going one step beyond the standard sponge, Spongeables Shower Gel in a Sponge cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin when wet. The blend of olive oil, glycerin and Vitamin E soothes the skin, while the White Rose, Grapefruit or Clean Power scents for Men, invigorate the senses.

If you are someone who relies on self-tanning products, the Xen-Tan Premium Sunless Tan Body Sponge is the product for you. This soft sponge can be used daily to gently exfoliate the face and body, prepping skin for a sunless tan without stripping away the tan you have worked so hard to achieve.

For women who like to get serious with exfoliation, the coarsely textured surface of the Spa Sister Exfoliating Buffing Sponge primes skin for moisturizing. Dissolve your favorite bath gel onto the sponge, and massage skin in a gentle circular motion for spa-like results.

Getting specific for the face, and popular in skincare salons, the New England Naturals Earthline Deep Facial Cosmetic Sponge doubles as an application sponge for applying cosmetics, and as a cleansing sponge to gently remove make-up.

We don’t want to forget the feet, since they take a lot of punishment from our daily activities. Whether you pound the pavement for a run, or slip on uncomfortable heels, your feet deserve some tender loving care. Spongeables 4-In-1 Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer delivers the ultimate treat to your feet. The revolutionary patent-pending foam-release system with aromatherapy cleanses, exfoliates, massages, and moisturizes all with one treatment, leaving tired feet relaxed and ready for another day.

Whether you use one simple sponge for all-over cleaning, or get specific with several sponges for different uses, be sure to rinse them daily, and replace every couple of months to avoid bacterial build-up.

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