Look Sun-kissed with a Self Tan Lotion

Self tanning lotions provide a safe and UV-free way to have a golden sun-kissed glow. When applied properly, you will have a lean and healthy appearance. Forget the days of orange and streaky self-induced tans. Orange skin doesn’t look good on anyone. Since tanning beds and sun bathing are simply not worth the risks; take the time to find the best self tanners and learn to apply them correctly.

The first step is actually not applying the self tanner. About 24 hours before applying the tanner, you will need evenly exfoliate the skin in all areas that will be tanned. By exfoliating the skin, your self tanning lotion will go on more evenly and the tan will last longer. A gentle body scrub is most commonly used for exfoliation.

Before you apply the self tanner, be sure the skin is clean of any oils, lotion, and deodorant. Do not apply in a room that has a lot of moisture. If your bathroom shower was just used, either wait till it is dry or use another room.

Apply the self tanner in one area and work your way from there. Pay attention to your application to avoid skipping a spot or applying twice to one area.

Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Some people use latex gloves to avoid staining the palms of the hands. If you use gloves, remember to carefully tan the back of your hands last.

Wait about 15 minutes before getting dressed. Be sure to follow the instructions on your self tanner before use. Do not use anything abrasive on the skin after you have tanned it. This will rub the tan off quicker, as the tan is on the surface of the skin. Moisturize the skin with lotion that is free of mineral oil to extend the tan.

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