Trends in Drawer Liners & Sachet Bags

Drawer Liners and Sachets Bags

Remember how each dresser drawer at grandmother’s house had hidden sachets and were lined with paper? The paper was lightly scented and beautifully patterned. But do you know why she took the time to measure and line the shelves, linen closet and armoire with paper liner? Liners add a touch of elegance, protect clothes and provide a light scent. This scent helps keep clothes smelling fresh; regardless of how long the clothes have been stored.

Make any space uniquely yours with liner. Paper the inside of a trunk to protect keepsakes, or dress up a baby’s bedroom with themed paper that matches the room’s décor. When selecting paper, make sure it reflects your taste and the room’s design.

When measuring for drawer liners, all you need is a little bit of patience and a few tools. Get something to write with, paper, and a measuring tape. First, you must remove the drawer to measure it. It is all right if items are in the drawer. To release the wheels from the track, pull the drawer as far out as possible and then pull the front up. To find the proper dimensions, measure the inside depth and width to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. Make a note of this and continue measuring all other drawers that you would like to line. If multiple drawers are to be measured, assign a number to each one to keep track of them.

To apply the paper, be sure to clean the area thoroughly. Then test the size for proper fit. When ready, peel back the backing no more than 10-12”, rubbing from the center outward. If the paper gets off center, pull off and re-apply.

If the lined paper scent is too subtle, add a sachet to the drawer. Not only will the sachet add a great fragrance, some repel insects and moths.

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