Tips for Choosing Scented Candles

Scented Luxury Candles Light Up Any Room

Gone are the days when candles were used merely for light, or for making wishes as they burn atop a birthday cake. Today’s candles add a touch of elegance and luxury to your home and your life. Beautifully made, and available in all shapes and sizes, they can accent a room like no electric lamp can. But aromatherapy scented candles take the experience to an even higher level, touching yet another one of the five senses.

When you feel stressed, the simple act of lighting a chunky pillar candle even a small votive, seems to help you unwind faster. Place the candle on the edge of a bathtub or near a lounge chair and you’ll immediately enjoy the benefits of candle aromatherapy.

Candles infused with the essence of pumpkin and vanilla evokes memories of holiday gatherings and mom’s baking. Floral-scented candles add freshness to a room. And earthy overtones of musk and sandalwood help calm and relax us, creating a serene environment with their soft, warm glow.

Burning a citrus or other fragrant candle can also help to neutralize unpleasant odors, both inside and out.

It’s best not to purchase cheap candles, when selecting a scented candle. Manufacturers infuse the wax with oils made just for candles, which are designed to be released over time. Low quality scented oils will bleed from the candle wax as it burns, if not manufactured properly.

Properly formulated scented candles do not pose health risks or release toxins into the home environment, although certain scents may trigger asthma or allergies.

When burning scented candles, trim the wick to one-quarter of an inch to prevent the flame from smoking and getting too big. And, always keep burning candles away from draperies and out of drafts.

Soy aromatherapy candles are said to release fragrances naturally, faster and for a longer period of time, compared to paraffin wax candles. There are other benefits as well that include being 100 percent non-toxic and burning with 95 percent less soot. Soy candles also burn longer than the paraffin variety – up to 60 percent longer.

High-quality scented candles make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Personalize your gift even more by giving monogram candles, such as those by Archipelago Monograms Soy Candle. Available in just about any fragrance and color, the candle holder is imprinted with the initial of the person lucky enough to receive it.

Also available by the same company are Archipelago Botanical Candles.

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