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Change Your Look with Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair dye is a great way to make a dramatic change in your hair color. Unlike semi-permanent dyes, which wash out eventually and can only be used to darken hair color, permanent hair colors can lighten or darken the shade of your hair. Permanent hair coloring is great for long-lasting coverage and for hiding gray hairs, and is an easy and quick way to achieve a fresh new look. Dyeing your hair yourself is a great alternative to having it professionally done – you’ll save money and ensure that you get the results you want.

To find the shade you want, determine if your skin color has warm or cool tones. If your skin is warm (you have brown eyes and golden or olive skin with yellow undertones), choose a shade that has golden, honey, or auburn hues. If your skin is cool (you have blue or green eyes and fair skin with pinkish undertones), find a color with ash, cool, or burgundy shades. Experts suggest testing the dye on a small section of hair before committing to the color, to ensure that it will look good with your skin tone.

Once you dye your hair, deep-condition it regularly and buy a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. Hair products specially formulated for dyed hair will prevent the color from fading or turning brassy, while deep conditioners will guard against breakage and dryness. Because permanent dye, which contains ammonia and peroxide, doesn’t wash out, you will have to touch up your roots every six to eight weeks (and possibly more often if your natural color is dramatically different from your dyed color).

To protect your new color, don’t shampoo your hair until the day after you dye it. When you dye your hair yourself, cover your shoulders with an old towel and rub cream or petroleum jelly on your hairline to avoid the color staining your skin.

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