Beauty Buzz on Essential Oils

Why Aromatherapy Essential Oils are Prized by Many

The use of aromatic herbs for medicinal purposes has been well documented for centuries, along with the gifting of scented perfume oils. Products such as frankincense oil harken back to ancient days when it was used for bath, massage and as inhalation therapy. The Egyptians were among the first to use perfumed oil in religious services.

Modern-day aromatherapy, however, dates back to 1937 when essential oils were accidentally discovered to have healing properties. The French chemist who coined the term “aromatherapy” accidentally burned his hand. He reached for the nearest liquid to calm the burn. The lavender oil he poured over the burn eased the pain and, interestingly, his hand healed with no infection or scar. After years of experimenting with essential oils and how they react with the human body, they have now become an aid to holistic health practitioners.

For today’s consumer, perfume fragrance oils are more about creating a calm and serene environment. Scented perfume oils, in a range of aromatic delights, are a sensual experience on many levels. Today, they are used for air freshening, bathing, steam inhalers, saunas and body care. Essential oils provide aromatherapy for the busy woman who may find the scents of lavender and sage to be a treat for the soul.

Different from synthetic fragrances, essential oils are liquids extracted from living plants. They are naturally derived from flower petals, roots, bark and leaves and are generally highly concentrated. Because of their potency, they should be diffused or diluted before contact with the body.

Perfume oils are a more pure fragrance than commercially prepared perfumes and colognes, which generally include alcohol and water. Perfumed oils do not include fillers and can be directly applied to the body and, in most cases, will last up to 24-hours, depending on how they react with your own body chemistry. The shelf life for perfume oils is much greater. They keep their fragrance year after year.

Store your perfume oils in a worthy container. Use a vintage perfume bottle or other glass container with a dabber top. They can be found in antique stores, garage sales, thrift stores and at auctions.

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