How To Choose Great Nail Polish Colors

With the wide availability of lacquer nail polish, it's easy to understand why manicures and pedicures are perpetually popular. Carefully engineered formulas glide onto the nail, making application a breeze so you can try new shades without interrupting a busy schedule. Even though nail polish is so popular, many people often struggle to find the right shade for their needs. Fortunately, by keeping a few things in mind, you'll find that it's much simpler to buy nail polish that you'll love to wear.

Begin deciding whether you're buying nail polish for a special occasion, or for more frequent wear. Remember that the shades you wear during a night out will likely be significantly different than those that you might wear during a job interview.

Also, while deciding upon colors for nail polish, determine what sort of impression you want to make. Is your goal to dazzle everyone you meet by making a bold statement, or would you prefer to channel an understated allure? By being aware of both the occasion during which you will wear your nail polish, as well as the look you're trying to achieve, your search for the perfect nail color can be much more efficient and enjoyable.

It’s also smart to choose colors based on your skin tone. If your skin is very fair, try selecting shades that have pink undertones. Alternatively, if you have darker skin, experiment with deeper, more vibrant hues, such as purples and reds. The OPI brand has several themed collections that range from bright neon shades to classically elegant tones. Have fun tapping into your creative side with these enticing options.

Your wardrobe and makeup bag are two other resources to consult while buying nail polish. After all, there’s a good chance that the colors you tend to gravitate towards when choosing lipstick or a button-down blouse will also look great in a nail polish.

These suggestions should take the mystery out of discovering nail colors that work best for you, and make your shopping trips more productive, too!

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