Beauty Buzz in Nail Care

Healthy Nail Treatments and Care

When many women think of nail care, they only think about trimming, shaping or painting their nails. However, complete nail care includes so much more! Even healthy nails can benefit from regular applications of cuticle cream and other nail treatments. Use a moisturizing cream or oil such as Nailtiques Oil Therapy on your cuticles to soften them, protect delicate nail beds and nourish dry, brittle fingernails. Other treatments such as Nailtek’s foundation product can be used to both strengthen nails and to fill unsightly ridges.

There are other things that can prevent our nails from looking their best. It is possible for nails to get fungal infections. If your nails are overly thick, distorted or discolored, you may want to consider using a nail fungal treatment. Left untreated, the fungus is likely to persist and can lead to complications such as the nails separating from the bed. Over-the-counter treatments can usually help, but those with severe conditions should seek medical advice for fungal conditions.

Of course, sometimes bad habits are the cause of nail problems. One common issue is nail-biting. Often started in childhood, biting nails and cuticles not only leads to ragged, unattractive nails, it can increase susceptibility to infections and even cause dental problems. Many people bite their nails to deal with stress and need to deal with their underlying issues in order to change their behaviors. However, there are products that can help chronic nail biters to break the habit. A bitter tasting coating like Mavala Stop can be used to cover fingernails. This serves to deter the biter through its unpleasant flavor. The taste is also a vivid reminder of the sometimes unconscious bad habit.

Healthy nails are properly moisturized, well-groomed and free of infection. Spending a little time and attention on proper nail care is all it takes to have attractive fingertips, ready for fashionable polish!

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