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Beauty Buzz on Bath Salts

The Healing and Restorative Benefits of Bath Salts

The earth has long been thought to hold all the ingredients necessary to heal and restore us, both physically and mentally. Natural mineral springs are just one of the many gifts Mother Nature provides, and they have been utilized by virtually every culture since the beginning of time. The therapeutic waters are said to renew our bodies as well as our minds, thanks to the hot water, the dissolved minerals and the natural gases.

When used for therapeutic purposes mineral baths that contain dissolved minerals including sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron and others have healing qualities. Bathing in mineral water can help with skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis, and it can help with joint pain and stiffness. Mineral baths are also said to aid the endocrine system because the relaxation benefits give the sometimes over-taxed adrenal glands a break.

But what if you don’t live near a natural mineral spring? Are there salt bath benefits to be had? Absolutely. In addition to stimulating circulation, bath salts also are known to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, to help relieve back and leg pain and to quell muscle spasms. And a long bath soak in scented salts can help rid the body of stress-induced anxiety. Ultimately, the routine may be credited for helping you achieve a better night’s sleep, too.

Bathing in a bath soak such as Kneipp Deep Sleep Bath offers the promise of deeper and more restful sleep after use; The Valerian herb and hops combination is well known for its ability to calm and relax those using it.

Ahava dead sea salt comes in a variety of products, from its Natural Dead Sea Mud Body Mud to its Dead Sea Liquid Salt. The salt found at the bottom of the Dead Sea is believed to have therapeutic qualities because the water in the sea contains 10 times the concentration of sodium, chloride as other water bodies.

Whether you travel to distant mineral baths or you soak in your tub at home, you can enjoy the same benefits by using carefully selected bath soaking products.

recent bath salt product reviews

Functionality vs Everything Else
Functionality vs Everything Else By Heather The Magnificent from Middle America on 04/05/2014
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Effective, Great Value
What I Don't Like:Unpleasant Smell
Recommended Uses:Baths
Comments about Queen Helene Batherapy Sport Natural Mineral Bath, 454g/16oz:
I'm a pretty big fan of any sports bath product. I work out a reasonable amount...Okay, I work out enough to be sore when I do. So, sports bath is something I depend upon to make my wimpyness more bearable. Queen Helene does exactly what it says it will. It soothes achy muscles. 'Nuff said. The down side? It looks and smells like you're hanging out in a warm urinal with a freshly applied cake... The smell did it and I just can't go back. My condolences to her Highness.

another favorite
another favorite By cosmeticcolleen from burlington on 03/01/2013
Comments about Andrea Body Spa Anti-Stress Bath Soak with Chamomile & Vitamin E, 14g/0.5oz - 1 Packet:
I love all these bath soaks, each one has their own little benefit from brightening the skin, to relaxing you, and this one with the vitamin e that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. amazing.

relax with this
relax with this By cosmeticcolleen from burlington on 03/01/2013
Comments about Andrea Body Spa Anti-Stress Bath Soak with Herbal & Vitamin E, 14g/0.5oz - 1 Packet:
this was so relaxing and for such an amazing price. you can pamper yourself on a budget

a great soak
a great soak By cosmeticcolleen from burlington on 02/28/2013
Comments about Spa Sister Relaxing Dead Sea Salts with Lavender Essential Oil, Sunflower Oil & Vitamin E, 453g/16oz:
this is an amazing soak for the skin, so relaxing, and vitamin e is helpful for reducing fine lines

great concept and product
great concept and product By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/19/2013
 Review of Mor Cosmetics Gelato (1 Review)
Comments about Mor Cosmetics Gelato, 12.3 oz Bath Soak:
this just smells so sweet! my only complaint was that the scent did not last long.

I love it
I love it By Breee from Masss on 11/18/2012
Comments about Andrea Body Spa Anti-Stress Bath Soak with Chamomile & Vitamin E, 14g/0.5oz - 1 Packet:
Best soap

Too Many Chemicals and Not Enough Product for Price
Too Many Chemicals and Not Enough Product for Price By DLSedona from Arizona on 09/16/2012
 Review of Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Don't Like:Unpleasant Smell
Recommended Uses:Anytime
Fragrance Type:Floral, Sweet
Comments about Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait, 500g/17.6oz Milk Bath Powder:
First of all service is great and shipping is FAST! I was looking forward to a 'milk bath' but this is just sweet flowery bubble bath. The moment you open it a strong flowery smell blasts out. It also has far more chemicals in it than I expected, including sodium lauryl sulfate for foaming, which can be a skin irritant. I presumed it would be a more natural product. It says "two scoops" but there is no scoop provided. If you use a typical 'scoop', this won't last long. The can is not full but the powder is in a plastic bag that fills a little over half the can. I think I'll buy a box of dry milk and make my own! Meantime, I'll leave it for guests. The can is very nice.

Not enough!
Not enough! By blessed1 from New York on 09/04/2012
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Great Smell, Moisturizes Skin, Not Greasy, Softens Skin
What I Don't Like:Doesn’t Last Long, Dries Skin, Ineffective, Poor Lather
Recommended Uses:Daily Use
Comments about All About Feet Relaxing Foot Salt Soak - Peppermint, 50g/1.8oz:
This product, was used to soak my tired feet and to remove any hard skin that does not belong on your feet. I was able to scrape my feet after soaking with this product. But, I did not feel the refreshing peppermint feeling afterwards. I would inprove the size of the product for the price. I got less for my money. Not happy with that! Would not buy again or recommend to anyone.

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