Why it’s important to use a hand scrub

Hands do so much for us and they are often exposed to extreme conditions. In order to keep skin supple and soft, you must be take care of your hands. Though often neglected, a special treatment administered to the hands will have an immediate result.

The skin on the hands is different compared to most other areas of the body. There are few oil glands on the backs of the hands, this is the why they can dry and wrinkle so easily. Not to mention how often hands are washed throughout the day, they can quickly appear uncared for.

Since dead skin cells can create a dull and dry look to the skin, it is important to have a hand care regimen. First, start with a gentle yet cleansing liquid hand soap followed by a scrub for the hands. Pat hands dry and add a deep hydrating moisturizer and apply a cuticle treatment around each fingernail. This will make for groomed and presentable hands.

Regular exfoliation with a scrub will reveal radiant, brighter skin that is instantly soft and smooth looking. ‘Helping Hand’ Mandarin Cosmeceutical Hand Scrub is infused with Vitamins A, C and E. This product is a celebrity favorite and after one use you will know why.

Another suggestion for better looking hands to have a hand lotion nearby at all times. Placing a lotion in the restroom next to the hand soap will be too convenient to pass up. Also, toting a small lotion in your purse will come in handy.

Also, it is wise to protect exposed hands from the daily sun. Before driving you must liberally use a broad-spectrum sunscreen on the tops of the hands. Like the skin on our face, our hands are constantly prone to environmental and sun damage. Protection is a must!

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