Beauty Buzz with Hairstyling Tools

Hair Tools are Must-Have Items

Do you have straight or wavy hair envy? Get rid of that boring ponytail and put the ‘style’ back into ‘hairstyle.’ There are so many innovative hairstyling tools available, you can create a variety of new and fresh looks. These different hairstyles can reflect your mood, dress up an outfit, or be fun and whimsical. Regardless of your desired appearance, special tools and hair products are a must.

Heat and chemicals can help achieve the style you’re looking for, but use them with caution. Daily use of this combo can cause damage to hair over a period of time. To help reduce the risk of weak hair and breakage, only the best tools should be used. For instance, inexpensive curling irons and flat irons that are made from uncoated metal should be avoided. Ceramic-coated irons quickly reach a high heat and will not scorch your hair. Hairstylists always recommend using a heat protection spray to reduce heat damage, such as split ends, dryness or frizziness.

Straightening irons with ionic technology, such as Tourmaline, allows for more ions to reduce static and smooth hair. Ions generate negative particles that break water molecules apart and then they are more easily absorbed into the hair. Ionic styling tools and brushes can actually help improve the hairs condition by adding more moisture by making it more shiny, manageable and less brittle. After you blow out your hair with an Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, use the ‘T3 Mini Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Styling Iron’ to get a perfect straight look. Tourmaline hot rollers are a great way to get curly frizz free locks that last all day. Keep in mind that a good-looking hairstyle starts with healthy hair. Don’t over process or use heat on a regular basis; it’s better on occasion.

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