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Facial hair removal cream

Unwanted facial hair can be unsightly and embarrassing for most women. These pesky little hairs can become worse with age. Hormone levels typically start to change around age 40, at which time the body slows down the production of the female hormone estrogen and more of the male hormone testosterone. The amount of facial hair can also depend on medications taken. Side effects from medications such as birth control pills, steroids, or antidepressants can all be contributors of unwanted hair.

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, have become a very popular hair removal option. In addition to that it is clinically proven to reduce hair growth, hair removing cream is a less painful way to remove hair, compared to other methods. Not only is it less painful, creams that remove hair are more affordable than other methods like laser hair removal or electrolysis. Removal creams use chemicals to dissolve the hair from just below the surface of the skin. Be sure to do a spot test with the cream prior to use. It is critical that you test the cream to be sure there is not a reaction.

The most typical place for unwanted hair growth is the upper lip area, cheeks and chin. Upper lip area is the most common problem area. For most women, the facial skin is very delicate and can be easily irritated. It is critical that the best cream is chosen. Make sure the type of cream is right for your hair type and for where it will be used.

Vellus and Terminal are the two types of hair on the human body. Vellus is fine, thin, soft and light colored. Most of the body is covered in vellus hair, including a woman’s face. Terminal hair is located on the head and pubic area and is typically darker and is coarser than vellus hair. Specific removal cream is available for these different hair textures.

Vellus hair on the face should be removed with a more gentle cream and left on the skin for a shorter period of time. Terminal hair on the body will need a cream specifically made for that area and may need to be left on for a longer duration. Be sure to follow instructions on the hair removal cream that is being used.

recent hair removal cream product reviews

raspberry By colleenstyle from burlington on 02/24/2013
Comments about Nair Hair Remover Raspberry Lotion for Body, 255g/9oz:
the nair scent can be off putting at times, so this is a bit of a relief from that medicated smell which is a nice relief

nice By colleenstyle from burlington on 02/24/2013
Comments about Irish Moos by Maurer & Wirtz for Men, 3.6 oz Lathering Shaving Cream:
my husband uses this product and I love that earthy scent it is gives off, his face is so smooth afterwards

dependable By colleenstyle from burlington on 02/24/2013
Comments about Nair Hair Remover Glide-On Bikini Cream for Bikini & Underarms, 68g/2.4oz:
nair hair remover is always dependable, gets the job done, the scent is sometimes off putting but I just do it way in advance for the big day

reaction By colleenstyle from burlington on 02/24/2013
Comments about Surgi-Cream Hair Remover for Underarms with Hair Stop Plus, 2 Piece Kit:
I tried this but it was a no go for my sensitive skin, didn't like the smell and the redness it caused didnt go away for days

Cremo Cream - Truly the BEST I
Cremo Cream - Truly the BEST I've found in 40+ years. By TheReeseThree from The Great Northwest on 01/10/2013
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Easy to Use, Effective, Goes on Smoothly, Great Smell, Great Value, Reduces Irritation, Safe
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Legs, Underarm, Women
Hair Texture:Fine Hair
Comments about Cremo Cream Lady The Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream, 177ml/6oz:
Have tried probably 50+ soaps, creams, foams and oils, but Cremo Cream is truly the best I've come across in my 40+ years of shaving! I have my daughters using it as well, so I hope I have saved them years of nicks and shaving dread. It is lightly scented and very economical. You really don't want to use more than a nickel-sized amount per leg. Use plenty of water and lather it up. It won't work up to a strong foam, but it provides plenty of protection - and you can actually see where you are shaving, especially around ankles and knees. It leaves your skin smooth and soft. Love the stuff! Do not use too much or it will be thick and clog your razor. It should not be like a lotion or other cream - should just be a smooth, light foam. Using less is truly better with this stuff. If it clogs your razor, you are using too much. I use a safety razor with Sharp or Israelis (Crystal - not Personna) blades and haven't had a nick in years. I had to use soap at a hotel and sure enough - dry skin and nicks! This stuff really makes a difference. Try it. You will truly love it - just like the tube says.

Surgi Cream Hair Remover
Surgi Cream Hair Remover By Robbie from Washington, DC on 06/01/2011
 Review of Surgi-Cream Hair Remover for Face (1 Review)
What I Like:Easy to Use, Easy to Wash Off, Effective, Goes on Smoothly, Great Smell, Great Value, Reduces Irritation, Safe
Recommended Uses:Face
Hair Texture:Fine Hair, Coarse Hair
Comments about Surgi-Cream Hair Remover for Face, 28g/1oz:
My dermatologist said it is safe to use. It is effective and easy to use. Only problem is that it's hard to find in the retail stores.

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