Hair Loss Treatments for Women and Men

Hair loss is a frustrating problem that affects both men and women, but fortunately, hair loss treatments designed to reverse the effects of thinning hair and help restore thickness and fullness are widely available. While hair loss is commonly genetic, thinning hair in women is sometimes caused by overusing products such as straightening irons and hair dye, or by pulling the hair into too-tight braids or ponytails, all of which can contribute to breakage and thinning. To help your hair grow faster, choose a hair growth product formulated to stimulate the hair follicles and accelerate growth.

Hair loss products for both men and women often contain finasteride or minoxidil, two liquid chemicals that aid hair growth. Natural and plant-based treatments have recently become popular for their ability to remedy hair loss with plant-based formulas. Plant extracts used in hair loss products include stinging nettle, aloe vera, red pepper, and antioxidants from green tea. Products for men and women prevent hair loss by inhibiting DHT, a male hormone that is the main contributor to baldness in men and among the main factors that cause hair loss in women.

Hair growing products contain proteins and vitamins, such as vitamin B12, vitamin A, and biotin, to encourage growth by nourishing and strengthening the roots. Originally developed to prohibit hair loss and thinning, these products also work on hair that is naturally thin or grows slowly.

To conceal thinning hair, use a product designed to mask the effects of baldness and make hair appear fuller. These brand-name products, such as Toppik, are color-matched to the shade of your hair and contain tiny fibers that attach to existing, thinning hairs to achieve a natural look. Available for both women and men, these concealers can be used in conjunction with hair loss products.

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