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The Best Blow Dryer will Leave Hair Soft and Shiny

Since they are a fundamental part of most women’s, and some men’s, hair styling routines, many households have more than one hair blow dryer. These dryers have come a long way over the years, evolving into versions that are quieter and lighter in weight. They dry hair faster, and have more features than their predecessors. These improvements mean that there is now more for the consumer to consider when shopping for a hair dryer. The objective of the best hair dryer is to dry quickly, and efficiently, without damaging hair. To accomplish this you need to take into account how the different features will benefit your styling needs.

Wattage, which affects how fast the air comes out, is the first factor to look at when shopping for a blow dryer. You want to make sure you have enough to get drying done quickly, but not everyone needs the highest wattage. The average dryer is between 1500 and 1875 watts, which is plenty for most women, although those with thick hair could benefit with 1900 watts or more. The majority of blow dryers have speed settings, and some have temperature settings. Those with heat settings usually also have a cool shot button, that when pressed sends a blast of cool air to set a style. This is useful when using a round brush to add volume or wave to a hairstyle. Over the last few years, Ionic has been the hot new trend in hair dryers. Ionic dryers use charged ions combined with warm air to break down water molecules, which are then easily absorbed by hair. Hair dries faster with half the heat, resulting in less chance of heat damage to hair. The last item on your list of considerations is attachments. Most dryers come with a nozzle attachment which allows you to concentrate air flow over smaller sections of hair. This eliminates frizz and also protects hair from damage due to excessive heat. Usually purchased separately, but included with some blow dryers, a diffuser can be a curl’s best friend. By dispersing the air flow over a larger area, using a cooler temperature, curls dry without losing their shape.

ENZO Milano Professional Mini Blow Dryer is an ionic dryer that seals the cuticle as it dries, leaving hair soft and silky. This dryer is light to hold, but is powerful with 1900 watts and quiet dual air-flow. The far-infrared heat will not over dry your hair.

The Supersolano 3600 Professional Hair Dryer from Solano, has a ceramic grille to keep hot temperatures consistent, along with ion technology to reduce static electricity. With two speeds and five temperature settings everyone can find the right combination for drying their hair.

If looking for a travel dryer with the ionic feature, the Slik Stick Helium Travel Dryer is the perfect choice. Its compact design with folding handles makes it convenient to pack, while the two-speed heat settings and lightweight allow for effortless styling.

Once you have purchased the blow dryer that will work best for you, there are a couple of tips to remember. When blow drying, hold the dryer at least three inches away from your hair to avoid heat damage. Also, blow dry in a downward direction rather than up the hair shaft which can cause split ends and add frizz.

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