Choosing the Right Hair Scissors for Home Haircuts

Whether it’s trimming your own bangs, cleaning up your husband’s neckline, or cutting your son’s hair, finding the right hair cutting shears is key to a successful outcome. Shears or scissors are used for trimming bangs and cutting hair, whereas, hair cutting clippers are needed to trim the neckline, cut close around the ears, or to give an overall “buzz” cut. The type of hair cutting you do will determine how elaborate the scissors need to be. A basic pair is fine for trimming bangs, and hair that is all one length. If you plan to cut layers into hair, then you are better off with a professional grade pair of shears. The combination of scissors and clippers are used for many men’s haircuts. Scissors are used for the first stage, and then clippers are used to fade-in the cut and clean-up around ears and neckline.

Great for trimming bangs and home haircuts, the Tweezerman spirit 2000 Styling Shears are an inexpensive basic pair of shears that offers high performance. If you are a hairstylist by trade, or just want to use a professional grade pair of shears, Jatai Feather Kaiden Shears are the kind used in salons. Made with tempered Japanese stainless steel, they give a clean, sharp razor cut. The innovative no-touch blade changing dispenser makes it easy and safe to change out blades when it is time replace with sharpened ones. The blade cutting angle provides the smooth cutting action that a professional hairstylist requires. If thick hair needs thinning during the cutting process, Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears offer optimum control and the precision required to do the job.

There is even something for the baby in the house. Japonesque Baby Hair Shears are the perfect choice for baby’s first haircut. Handcrafted to trim baby’s fine hair, the professional quality slim blades are great for point trimming. Your little one can focus on the cute giraffe shaped protective storage case, while you cut those little locks for the first time.

If you want to trim your special man’s neck or give your son a haircut, clippers are the way to go. The Andis Outliner II Trimmer is perfect for all-around cutting and fading. The high-quality carbon steel blades are long lasting, while the fine cutting teeth are ideal for trimming necks, beards, mustaches and edging around ears. The Andis Ultra Easy Cut Adjustable Clipper Kit makes giving a “buzz” cut simple. With its powerful magnetic motor, this clipper goes from fine to coarse cut at the touch of a lever. The step-by-step instruction sheet explains how to use the two different comb attachments, as well as how to clean and oil the clipper.

Scissors, shears, and clippers all need care to last. Use a cloth to wipe scissors clean after each cut. Clippers come with a brush for cleaning the hair clippings that can remain in between the blade, along with oil and instructions for lubricating the blade.

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