How to Choose Hair Rollers to Achieve the Best Curl

The popularity of curling hair goes as far back as Egyptian times, when women preferred to wear curly-haired wigs in place of their straight hair. During the 19th century, ringlets were created by using rags to roll up hair. Today “hair curlers” is a catchall phrase for any type of rod or curler that is used to give hair a wave or curl. You will find an assortment of hair curler rollers ranging from rubber rods all the way to professional hot rollers. Deciding which curling method is best for you, is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Starting with the basics in a curler, Luxor Professional Pillow Soft Curlers are a throwback to the rags women used to use to curl their hair. Pin- and clip-free, simply wind ends of hair around the middle of curler, roll curler towards scalp, fold tabs in, and twist together. Now you can go to sleep, and wake up in the morning to discover a head full of soft curls with body. Luxor Professional Rubber Rods offer a similar effect. Section wet hair, and roll from end tightly around the rod and continue rolling to end of scalp. Press rod against scalp to secure roller in hair and twist ends of rod together. You can blow dry, or let hair dry naturally, to uncover voluptuous hair.

Velcro Brand Salon Rollers are so popular that the brand “Velcro” is used as the designation for this specific type of roller that is self-holding because of its texture. These rollers can be used wet, damp, or dry to achieve a soft, finished look. They are safe to use with all styling lotions, and can be left to air dry. The drying process can be sped up by using a hair dryer, and then the hair left to cool before the rollers are removed.

In recent years, hot rollers and steam rollers have become a popular option for curling hair. Ceramic rollers, such as Belson Profiles Spa Hairsetter, uses heated ceramic rollers to attain just the right amount of curl. The power indicator light changes color when rollers are ready to use. Four different sizes of rollers are used with the smallest roller resulting in the tightest curl, and the largest curler giving a loose curl. You can apply your makeup, remove the butterfly clips holding the rollers in place, run your fingers through your hair, and you are ready to head out the door. Similar to ceramic rollers in preparation, Caruso Molecular Steam Rollers use steam to set in the curl. The patented roller design allows breathing space between the foam and the shield so steam evaporates faster setting a tighter curl.

Whatever your desire, tight curls, loose waves, or just a little extra body, rollers can help you effortlessly achieve salon-like results.

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