Hair Conditioner Tips

The Best Hair Conditioner Designed for Your Hair Type

Unlike selecting a shampoo, which takes into account your scalp, the hair conditioner that you choose for yourself should be based on your hair type. Deep hair conditioners are recommended for once a week use for all hair types. They are meant to be left on longer than daily conditioners; how long depends on your hair type and how damaged your hair is.

Labels and product descriptions will provide you with the information necessary for selecting a conditioner to match your hair characteristics. “Normal hair” is considered to be hair that is healthy and shiny, and not color treated. If your hair is dry or frizzy, look for the term “moisturizing” in the product name or description. Products labeled as deep conditioners are made for damaged hair, and offer intense moisturizing along with other repairing properties. “Volumizing” is a term to watch for if your hair is limp and fine in texture. You will also find descriptions that say “intended for curly hair” or “recommended for color treated hair.” Following these guidelines will help you select conditioners worth trying. After that it comes down to testing a few products to determine which ones work best for your hair.

Well-known large brands usually have a range of conditioners specifically formulated for different hair types. Fekkai conditioner is available in many varieties. Their Protein RX Daily Reparative Conditioner uses soy and milk proteins to strengthen and repair dry, damaged hair. The Luscious Curls Conditioner is a leave-in conditioner containing honey nectar and ginseng to control and define curls. Dried with a diffuser, or allowed to air dry, you will have beautiful soft curls without frizz. If your preference, however, is for straight strands, then Fekkai Advanced Silky Straight Conditioner should be on your list to try. The straightening complex flattens down the cuticle to lock out humidity, leaving hair straight and manageable.

Enjoy conditioner is another brand that offers conditioners formulated for specific hair types. The Luxury Conditioner moisturizes coarse, dry hair leaving it feeling soft and looking healthy. Many times fine hair can be weighed down by conditioner. Fekkai Rejuvenating Volumizing Conditioner adds volume to fine hair so that it looks fuller, rather than limp.

Don’t be afraid to sample a few conditioners for your hair type. It is important to alternate conditioners so that you don’t end up with product buildup, so you will want to have a couple of brands on hand. One recommendation is to switch products every month, another option is to alternate a couple of favorites throughout the week.

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