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Ditch the Dye with Hair Color Removal

If you’re dying experience didn’t turn out as planned– a blonde hue that turned orange or a muddy brown – ditch the color within minutes. Don’t waste time waiting for it to grow out! Hair dye removers can strip the artificial color quickly. While you need to know what to expect when using a remover, using one is an effective alternative when trying to undo your current color.

There are different hair color removal options on the market. Oxidative hair color removers shrink color molecules so they are able to wash out. They are best formulated to strip oxidative dyes, which are usually found in permanent hair color. Don’t stress when using these removers, they will not affect the natural pigment of your hair.

Bleach is something to consider if you are looking to lighten artificial pigments, but it is an option to use with caution. Keep in mind, the process is usually slower than natural pigments in re-growth. Bleach will not only affect the color of artificial color but will after lighten and dull your natural hair color. After using the harsh chemicals of bleach, your hair will need moisture and protein treatments to rejuvenate the health of your hair.

Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor is one way to remove hair color without ammonia and bleaching agents. The product lifts and extracts artificial color and is good to use to adjust the current shade. Unlike most color removers, this extractor leaves hair conditioned and soft. It is great to modify hair highlights without harsh effects.

Every color enthusiast can slip and mistakenly wind up with color on skin. Ardell Colour Off Hair Color Stain Remover is good product that helps eliminate stains from the scalp and skin. The product is safe enough to come in contact with our skin and can remove permanent and semi-permanent color.

If you need to remove color fast, don’t wait for the hair to grow out; try out a color remover to ditch the dye within minutes.

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