Hair Coloring Tips

‘Apply the Dye’ with Hair Coloring Products

Home hair color kits are a perfect way to cut the cost of professional coloring – and to freshen up your look without a jab to your budget. But even at home, beauty enthusiasts still want a salon-colored look. We all have encountered the missteps of coloring that led to an uneven streak or a left-behind gray. The good news, hair coloring products have simplified the application process and now help women achieve evenly dispersed dye. Here are a few products available at Beauty Encounter to help simplify your dying experience and bring the salon look home.

When it comes to mixing color and developer, don’t make a guess on the right balance. Using a measuring cylinder can help you find the correct amount of solution to use for proper application. Goldwell Color Dosage System is a good measuring device, complete with centimeter and milometer measurements to guarantee accuracy.

Experiment with what the professionals use when it comes to hair color supplies. Stylists turn to brushes for precise application. The bristles conform to each loose hair, coating dye evenly. Goldwell carries an assortment of brushes for dye application. Perfect to use around the ears or the neckline, Colorance Applicator Bottle with Brush comes with a pointed brush tip.

Applying dye with the best hair color products is just the tip of color care. Whether you choose a sealer for protection or an additive for added potency, find a color regimen to keep dye from washing out. Sealers defend against lightening pigments and can bring moisture and shine to your hair. John Frieda Radiant Red Color Envy Daily Color Sealer is great for redheads. The transparent sealer creates a barrier around strands that locks in color even when using harsh shampoos and heat treatment.

For lighter strands, Ardell Lock-In Blonde can be used as an additive to neutralize brassy tones and warm up fading blondes. Formulated with organic color molecules, the additive develops color to its maximum potency; great to use when your diminishing color needs a perk.

From the first step of dye application to the follow-up regimen to lock in pigment, hair color accessories can help keep your hair color vibrant. Explore the many supplies and color-lasting products that beauty buffs turn to when they want a fresh salon look.

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