Beauty Buzz on Hair Color

There are Many Options in Hair Coloring for Gray Hair

If you don’t see yourself as a sophisticated beauty with silver locks, there is a wide range of gray hair coloring products available to you.

Hair color for gray hair includes products that are both semi-permanent and permanent. Semi-permanent color washes out with shampooing, and usually last four to six weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. This type of color is recommended for women with minimal graying. With no ammonia and low peroxide, Clairol Natural Instincts blends away gray naturally and lasts through 28 shampoos. With a unique blend of natural botanicals, and plant-based conditioners, this patented formula helps stop damage, and leaves hair looking shinier and healthier than before coloring.

Permanent hair color is “permanent” for the hair it is applied to, and the gray hair is only seen as it grows out from the roots. As gray hair becomes more predominant, this type of hair color is the best solution for covering stubborn grays. L’Oreal Excellence Crème Triple Protection Color Crème is a permanent color especially recommended for dry, brittle hair. The protective pre-color serum treats fragile, dry areas, and at the same time this product gives long lasting coverage to resistant grays.

As the gray increases, the time between trips to the colorist decreases. To help save time and money, there are many products available to temporarily cover the gray that seems to pop up overnight. Irene Gari Cover Your Grey Root Touch Up is one of these products. The soft tip applicator gives you precise control during application, and the product stays fresh looking until your next shampoo. For best results, apply with short strokes to gray roots at the hairline and part line, then comb hair after application to blend with existing hair color. If you prefer an application that gives you the familiar feel of the crayons you used as a child, then a Daggett & Ramsdell Color Stick is the product for you. To apply, simply moisten the tip of the stick with water, and apply directly to roots to blend away gray until your next shampoo.

As if dealing with gray hair wasn’t enough, as women age they encounter hair thinning, just as men do. There are products on the market that address this issue, and temporarily cover gray roots. Irene Gari Cover Your Gray Fill-In Powder helps to fill in thinning and balding areas to produce the appearance of thick, full hair as it covers gray roots. This matte powder blends in easily to match your hair color, is rain proof and sweat proof, and washes out with a normal shampoo.

Until that “magic pill” comes along, remember you have many options in keeping the gray covered, and be sure to always have a touch-up stick handy for tending to those pesky roots.

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