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Beauty Buzz in Hair Care

Lighten your Shade with Hair Color Developers

The quickest way to perk up a dull look is by changing your hair color. Sometimes, though, the color on the box of your at-home hair dye kit isn’t always the color you ultimately wind up with when the dying process is complete. Some women find that the colored pigment dyes their hair a bit brighter or darker than they desire. Simply increase the amount of developer for a quick fix to the problem. When it comes to mixing hair color and developer find the right products and remember these tricks for precise application.

Developer is generally distinguished by volume of peroxide. The more peroxide, the lighter your shade. For instance, 10 volume peroxide is designed for permanent, yet no-lift hair color. It’s used when you want to add a tint of color to your tone, but still keep the same lightness level. Moving up a level, 20 volume peroxide lifts hair by one to two levels. This amount is typically used when you want to lift your hair color by one shade lighter than the natural color. Remember, though, the stronger the developer, the harsher affect it has on hair.

L’Oreal Professional Majicreme Developer 30 Volume is a hair color developer that can lighten natural color by three shades. The creamy formula offers gentle and a more controlled lightening action.

Another developer available, Schwarzkopf Igora Oxigenta Lotion works great to obtain maximum coverage results with a cream hair color.

If you are looking for a platinum blonde look, using a stronger volume can help. L’Oreal Professional Platinum Nutri-Developer is a lightening paste used for optimum lightening results.

Bleaching hair is a route to go to strip color entirely. While some women turn to bleach for all-over blonde, many beauty enthusiasts use the product to effectively strip a current or unpleasant color. If you want to lighten hair more than three or four shades or to eliminate brassy undertones, using a strong volume count of peroxide can achieve the look. When you move up to 40-50 volume peroxide and bleach, though, seeking help from a salon professional may be wise.

Have fun creating the hair color you want, while experimenting with the right balance between color and developer. Try out the volume levels of peroxide to achieve the lightened shade you desire.

recent peroxide for hair product reviews

hair By gracie from lafayette on 03/28/2014
What I Like:All Over Color
Comments about Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 3% 10 Vol. Colorists Color & Care Developer, 33.8 oz (1 Liter):
the best

Toning Lotion for hair
Toning Lotion for hair By Hellen from Russia on 07/27/2013
 Review of Goldwell Colorance Lotion (1 Review)
What I Like:All Hair Types, Men, Women
Comments about Goldwell Colorance Lotion, 33.8 oz (1 Liter):
Such amount of lotion is enough for at least six months. Colorance enhances shine and restores tone. Colorance cares for the hair.

Lightening Lotion for blondes without yellowing
Lightening Lotion for blondes without yellowing By Hellen from Russia on 07/27/2013
What I Like:Women
Comments about Goldwell Topchic Developer Lotion - 12% 40 Vol., 32.0 oz:
Clarifying lotion natural hair color on 4 levels. Not leaving yellowing of the hair.

Purchased wrong one..needed 30 volume
Purchased wrong one..needed 30 volume By JaneBenson from Joplin, MO on 10/22/2012
What I Like:Curly Hair
Comments about Goldwell Topchic Developer Lotion - 6% 20 Vol., 32.0 oz:
Wish I had the correct information on which volume to order..have a 20 volume that I cannot use.

Hard to color gray
Hard to color gray By Brits n Grits from West Virginia on 05/12/2012
What I Like:All Over Color, Graying Hair, Long Hair
Comments about Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 6% 20 Vol. Colorists Color & Care Developer, 33.8 oz (1 Liter):
I have color resistant gray hair and this is the best color / developer I've used. One thing I have learned is that I must leave it on my roots for a full hour and then I have NO fading for 4-5 weeks between touch ups. I had been leaving it on for only 30 minutes and my roots were lighter than the rest of my hair and it faded... the trick with this is longer is better. When I do that I have PERFECT color!

Fast shipping,well packed,item as described.Good seller! EXCELLENT!!!!!!!  Thank You
Fast shipping,well packed,item as described.Good seller! EXCELLENT!!!!!!! Thank You By image5416 from Tampa, Fl. on 12/10/2011
 Review of Pravana Creme Developer 20 Vol (1 Review)
What I Like:All Over Color, At Home, Women
Comments about Pravana Creme Developer 20 Vol, 1000ml/33.7oz:
This is an excellent product. I've been using it for the last three months. Recommended from a stylist.

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