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Dye Body Hair to Hide Face, Arm and Leg Hair

We shave, pluck and wax for a hair-free body image, a groomed and smooth appearance. But sometimes a dark hair intrudes - a little above the lip or too dark of a shade on our arm. While women usually turn to the traditionally methods of omitting unwanted hair, such as grabbing a razor or pulling out hot wax, choosing to dye body hair as an alternate method is sometimes an easy route to go. If you are new to this method, explore the options as a way to hide unwanted hair.

Women who use body hair dye all understand the perks: the dye creates a hair color that blends in perfectly with skin color, making it virtually unnoticeable and it isn’t a process that needs to be repeated daily, let alone weekly. Body dye lasts longer than shaving so it isn’t a problem to worry about on a day-to-day basis.

When a dark hair arises over our upper lip, women agree – it needs to go. One way to blend the hair with our skin is Surgi Invisit-Bleach. The bleach for facial hair lightens hair on the face, arm and legs to help the strands match our natural skin, making hair almost unnoticeable. One application will soften and lighten even the darkest hair so it becomes a more natural and lighter shade.

Don’t let dark hair interfere with your silky and smooth skin look; Andrea Extra Strength Crème Bleach for the Body fades stubborn dark hair to a blonder shade. The cream can be used all over the body and is great for a lightening effect.

If you aren’t looking for an option to hide unwanted hair, Betty Color Down There is a product that women are exploring for a bolder statement. Some women are turning to color to give a playful perk to ordinary pubic hair. Pink and blue hues can brighten the area for a stand-out and playful look. Dyes come in shades of natural colors, as well, that can help lighten darker hair. The pubic hair color can be used as a way to match head hair all over your body.

Hide unwanted and dark body hair with a little dye. The body hair color can help dark and stubborn hair blend in with natural skin tone for an unnoticeable and smooth look.

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