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Personal Care Tips

The Essentials of Female Hygiene

Establishing a personal hygiene routine and knowing which feminine hygiene products to buy is important to one’s daily body-care practices. There are an array of products to use in maintaining hygiene, part of your daily beauty regiment. Maintaining good habits will make you feel better and more confident every day. While for many women the topic of feminine hygiene is a sensitive one, knowing when and how to take care of your bodily needs is a significant component of good female health.

The variety of cleansers for sale include female hygiene soaps, lotions, body washes and cleansing wipes to refresh and reinvigorate, all while protecting and battling unwanted odor. These intimate hygiene products are made to cleanse your most sensitive parts. Alkagin cleansing wipes are compact and come in discreet individual packages to store in your handbag when at the office or on the go, a perfect solution for those busy days. The soft wipes are perfect for preserving intimate personal hygiene, with soothing and revitalizing qualities. The wipes are infused with gentle emulsion and calendula, mallow and linden extracts, providing protection within each wipe.

Intimate powders are a convenient product to use to feel refreshed, adding female protection while traveling or in between cleansing. Alkagin Intimate Powder is formulated to protect the most sensitive areas, preventing irritation and rashes caused by perspiration or external issues. Easy to use in the morning, in between your daily activities or before you head to bed, the powder is a sure way to maintain a balanced and clean self.

Maintaining female hygiene is crucial to staying healthy, refreshed and happy. To ensure general female health, shower regularly, use odor-eliminating soaps and body washes, purchase odor and sweat resistant deodorants and take steps to regularly take care of your body.

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Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts
Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts
8 Pairs : Size A-D (Clear See-Through)

recent body tape product reviews

It gets the job done
It gets the job done By Heather the Great from Middle America, USA on 03/02/2014
 Review of Hollywood Hip Hugger (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer, Brand Buyer
What I Like:Easy to Use, Effective, Great Design, Great Hold, Great Value
What I Don't Like:Hard to Use, Ineffective, Not Functional
Recommended Uses:Casual Use
Comments about Hollywood Hip Hugger, Navy:
To be perfectly honest with you, this little item kind of snuck into my cart and I'd completely forgotten all about it until it showed up with the rest of my order. That said, I can't say I'm disappointed I bought it. I work at a place where dress code is pretty much determined by the boss' mood swings and one super whiny employee. So, one day you may be wearing t-shirts and jeans while the next day you're required to wear a button up and khakis. But, I digress... From birth, I am not a shirt tuck-er in-er. I absolutely hate it. But, when duty calls, I do what needs to be done. This little gem definitely comes in handy when you have to tuck. I don't have to keep tucking in my shirt after every time I lift my arms above my head because it actually cinches the back of my jeans to keep my shirt comfortably tucked and stuck. It works a charm although it does remind me a bit of my grandpa's suspenders. Luckily, worrying about being cool isn't much of a deal for me seeing as I don't much care...and I'm pretty awesome by default. Bonus: The grandpa shtick may influence your choice of show tunes and inclination to dole out old timey wisdom to others.

a must for special ocassions
a must for special ocassions By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
Comments about Hollywood Socialite Steal The Spotlight Kit, 3 Piece Kit (Discontinued):
I gave these kits to all my bridesmaids for the wedding day, as their beauty bag, and they all loved it. the shimmer powder is light and not overwhelming and the fashion tape worked wonders.

works and is pretty
works and is pretty By scarlet from houston on 02/01/2013
What I Like:Effective, Functional, Great Design
Comments about Moxie Unscented Non-Applicator Tampons, 16 Super:
I just think these are so cute, I love the can they come in so cute for travel and putting in my purse.

No hold at all!!! Awful!!!
No hold at all!!! Awful!!! By gibbler61 from Aurora,CO on 06/21/2012
What I Don't Like:Ineffective, Not Functional, Poor Design, Poor Hold
Comments about Bring It Up Reusable Instant Breast Lift, 1 Pair : Size D & Larger (Clear):
They were awful... They didn't even hold long enough for me to get a bra on.. I ended up not using them and throwing away. No hold at all!!!!

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