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What are the Best False Lashes?

We all want them: long, flirty lashes that frame our eyes and add a touch of glamour to our look. Whether for special occasions only, or for everyday use, there are options galore. From single lashes that are individually applied to full lashes that come in a variety of styles, shopping for the perfect fake eyelashes can be fun!

One of the most sought-after looks is the sexier, prettier look of natural, thicker, longer lashes. While false lashes can create an unforgettable you, they are often thought to be one of the trickiest beauty applications that take lots of practice to get right. In addition to the lashes, you’ll likely need a set of tweezers, adhesive and a well-lighted mirror. Ardell has the world’s largest selection of easy-to-use, premium-quality faux eyelashes that makes the process a little easier.

False eyelashes can be worn either in the evening or during the day. A full set of false eyelashes generally are reserved for evening looks and are considered too dramatic for daytime wear, but if your style supports the look, go big! If you’re seeking a more subtle look, try a few individual lashes applied to the outside of the eye - a great way to create a different effect. In the evening, either method is appropriate, depending on the desired effect.

Individual lashes give the user the chance to customize her look, adding lashes where they are needed most. Whether you prefer a strip or an individual false lash, they have become preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood celebs. When women want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that's alluring and the ultimate in beauty, they turn to faux eyelashes and enjoy the compliments.

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