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What’s the Best Serum for Face?

While facial serums can provide added moisture, the main reason you want to use a face serum is to benefit from the added nutrients that reach deep into the underlying layers of your skin – an area that even the best wrinkle cream is not able to reach. You can get many types of serums, such as anti-aging serums, anti-oxidant serums, and skin-brightening serums - even acne- preventative serums. All are to be applied after you tone the skin and before you apply moisturizer. Yes, this adds another step to your beauty routine, but may be well worth it to achieve radiant skin.

Compared to a serum, a moisturizer has larger molecules. This means that a moisturizer cannot penetrate the skin as deeply as a serum will. While serums deposit nutrients, moisturizers are meant to hydrate the surface of the skin.

Many skin care companies offer serums. La Mer The Lifting Face Serum and The Lifting Intensifier are two products that work in synergy to visibly lift the skin, while restoring clarity and brightness.

When using serums, it is wise to know exactly what the product you are using contains. Ingredient L-ascorbic acid is known for its antioxidant properties. Providing protection against photo aging, it works at neutralizing free radicals, helping build collagen, and providing a better defense against environmental aging. An antioxidant serum is only used in the morning. One of the best ways to add skin hydration is to use a serum with Hyaluronic acid and B5. Hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator, will bind moisture to the skin. All water-soluble peptides in anti-aging serums can be delivered very effectively helping to smooth and soften the skin.

Remember, before you incorporate one of these ingredients into your beauty regimen, it is always wise to know what you are using. Ask your esthetician or dermatologist if you need assistance.

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