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What the Best Moisturizers do for Your Skin

A moisturizer is defined as a mix of chemical or natural agents designed to make skin softer and more flexible by increasing its hydration. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much money you can spend on this one beauty item alone! But price doesn’t necessarily reflect results, and picking the perfect moisturizer is the ultimate goal. Regular moisturizing should begin in your teens or when you start to notice the skin becoming dry.

Moisturizer keeps water locked in the skin’s cells by helping to reinforce the thin, oily layer on the surface of the skin. Applying moisturizer is also a good opportunity to massage the skin, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and increase muscle tone. The eye area and neck should be hydrated, as well. Face moisturizers typically work as well as neck creams do. But it’s almost inevitable – at some point, more mature skin on the neck area may become saggy. Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream, is the ultimate firming neck treatment that enhances skin's youthful appearance for women over age 40. It helps firm and smooth away lines and wrinkles as it immediately "lifts." There are also many top eye creams that should be considered for the delicate eye area.

The manufacturers of eye creams are in a competitive market and the variations on the product can be baffling to consumers as companies struggle to find a point of difference to give you “bright eyes.” Identifying your eye issues: puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and dryness is easy. Finding the right cream for the eyes can take some time. A favorite is La Prairie Cellular Radiance Eye Cream, a luxurious treatment that instantly brightens and firms your eyes.

The bottom line is that while complex ingredients can make a difference, all your skin really wants is to feel soft, comfortable and well hydrated.

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