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The Best Eyeliners Depend on Personal Preference

Eyeliner helps to define the shape of your eyes and accentuate your eye color. It is meant to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, not detract from them, so you want to make sure you choose a type that your feel comfortable applying.

Pencil eye liner is the most commonly used liner because it is simple to control, comes in a wide range of colors, and is easy to find in any brand of makeup. Prestige Kohl eyeliner pencil is long-lasting and is available in black, charcoal, chocolate, sable, disco and storm. Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner is a favorite among makeup artists, providing the softest application with long-lasting wear. Be sure to keep pencils sharpened to produce a crisp clean line.

Liquid eyeliner gives a more dramatic and intense look, but is also more difficult to apply. The well-defined line produced with this type of eyeliner makes eye lashes look thicker, and is great for drawing cat eyes. When applying, first blot the brush with a tissue to remove excess product. Then line in three sections, starting with the inner eye, moving to the middle, and finishing at the outer upper lash line. The best liquid eyeliner is really the one you’re most comfortable applying. Try Longcils Boncza Liquid Eyeliner; it provides a bold look that lasts all day.

Gel eyeliner is very creamy and easy to smudge along the lash line. Once used mostly by professional makeup artists, it is becoming more common with the average woman. This liner comes in a pot to be applied with a brush, and takes a little longer to dry. With its rich hypoallergenic formula that glides on effortlessly, Napoleon Perdis China Doll Eyeliner is a great one to try. It can also double as a brow shaper.

In a pinch, eye shadow can be used in place of eyeliner for a subtle daytime look. You will need a stiff angled brush or a pencil brush for application. Simply dip your brush into the eye shadow and draw or smudge along the lash line. Do not use this method on the waterline as it will irritate eyes, and will not stick anyway.

When applying any type of eyeliner, apply it as close to your lash line as possible. Resting your elbow on a countertop can help steady your hand to ensure the most accurate application. Remember, practice makes perfect.

recent eyeliner product reviews

Sparkly eyes
Sparkly eyes By Babs in Buena Park from Buena Park on 01/02/2014
Complexion:Light to Medium
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Doesn't Run, Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove, Long-Lasting
Recommended Uses:Special Occasions
Comments about Styli-Style Liquid Metals Eye Liner, 521 Gold:
Tip is stiff which allows for precise application.

Excellent! By CanuckKate from Ontario on 12/08/2013
 Review of Prestige Professional Eyeliner (2 Reviews)
Complexion:Light to Medium
What I Like:Easy to Apply, Long-Lasting
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Smoky Eye, Thick Line
Comments about Prestige Professional Eyeliner, XNE-03 Blue Grey:
This eyeliner goes on so easily! No pulling of the eyelid skin and not so sharp that it hurts. Stays on all day and evening, including the bottom line. The colour is terrific as well! Can't say enough good things about this liner!

Almay All-Day Shadowliner
Almay All-Day Shadowliner By der2013 from Russia on 11/25/2013
 Review of Almay All-Day Shadowliner (1 Review)
What I Like:Long-Lasting
Recommended Uses:Daily Use
Comments about Almay All-Day Shadowliner, Black Diamond:
Good !

LOVE this eyeliner  - Buying four
LOVE this eyeliner - Buying four By mabyn from Baton Rouge, LA on 11/22/2013
 Review of NYX Cosmetics The Curve Liner (1 Review)
Complexion:Light to Medium
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Easy to Apply, Long-Lasting
Recommended Uses:Casual Use, Daily Use, Natural Look, Smoky Eye, Special Occasions, Thick Line
Comments about NYX Cosmetics The Curve Liner, Jet Black:
I can't find it anywhere!

My favorite!
My favorite! By Best brow pencil from Hickory, NC on 10/20/2013
 Review of Styli-Style Flat Pencil for Eyes (2 Reviews)
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Easy to Apply, Long-Lasting
Recommended Uses:Casual Use, Daily Use, Natural Look
Comments about Styli-Style Flat Pencil for Eyes, 402 Berlin:
Love this pencil for my brows! Goes on smooth, and perfect for shaping the brow. First time I bought one in a local pharmacy, fell in love and of course, when it got so small and couldn't be sharpened- there were none to be found - anywhere. I was so happy to find them beauty encounter!

Amazing By Mad for makeup from Charlotte, NC on 08/17/2013
 Review of Styli-Style Liquid Eyeliner 24 (5 Reviews)
Complexion:Fair, Very Fair
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Bold Color, Doesn't Run, Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove, Long-Lasting, Looks Smooth
Recommended Uses:Casual Use, Daily Use, Natural Look, Smoky Eye, Special Occasions, Thick Line
Comments about Styli-Style Liquid Eyeliner 24, 501 Blackest Black:
Absolutely love this product. This is very easy to apply and you always get an amazing result. The color is very bold and lasts all day.

Nice product!
Nice product! By Picky, but not fussy. from Allegany, NY on 08/05/2013
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Blends Well, Easy to Apply
Recommended Uses:Daily Use
Comments about Almay Intense i-Color Kohl Eyeliner for Brown Eyes, 031 Midnight Black:
I liked this product but I should have chosen a dark brown rather than black. It goes on evenly and is easy to apply (and I usually make a mess, but not with this product.) It is a nice liner.

NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eye Liner
NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eye Liner By summereminisce from Singapore on 08/04/2013
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove
What I Don’t Like:Smudges or Runs
Recommended Uses:Casual Use, Smoky Eye
Comments about NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eye Liner, Bronze:
I've used this product twice. It is easy to apply, simply glide through and it forms a nice brown line. It looks great on me, giving me a more enhanced look for the eyes. However, because of the tendency of my face becoming oily after some time, it would smudge a little. For me, among all the eyeliners that I've used, the smudging for this product is still acceptable. I hope that this range of eyeliners could improve on being more waterproof and less smudges or runs.

Sparkling Color!
Sparkling Color! By savymicheal from Boston,MA on 07/01/2013
 Review of Prestige Liquid Eyeliner (3 Reviews)
What I Like:Applies Evenly, Bold Color, Doesn't Run, Easy to Apply
Recommended Uses:Daily Use
Comments about Prestige Liquid Eyeliner, LE-13 Big Teal:
Really makes my eyes stand out! Wonderful item to have in your arsenal!

really good
really good By channel 5 from orange ca on 06/30/2013
 Review of Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner (1 Review)
Comments about Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner, EW-08 Charcoal Brown:
i love it the products from Beauty Encounter :)

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