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There are Alternatives to Prescriptive Eyelash Growth Products

Advertisements for products that promote eyelash growth are abundant in health and beauty magazines. Some are quite pricey, and require a visit to a dermatologist for a prescription, which incurs additional cost. There are eyelash treatment products available, however, that are less costly, and do not require a prescription.

Eyelashes are just like all the other the hair on our body and they go through a growth cycle. This cycle begins with “anagen,” which is the growth phase lasting 30 to 45 days; followed by “catagen,” which is considered the follicle resting phase where growth stops for two to three weeks; finally there is “telogen.” Both the hair and the follicle are resting now. At the end of this stage, which lasts three to four months, the cycle repeats as new lashes replace old.

Besides the normal growth process, which causes you to lose lashes, drying mascaras can cause breakage, resulting in the loss of additional lashes. Sleeping with mascara on adds further to the damage and loss of lashes. Just as with hair and skin, moisture and conditioning contribute to healthy eyelashes and promote growth. Most of the treatment products for lashes are based on this concept and contain natural plant extracts and vitamins as conditioning properties. These products come in a clear gel or cream with an applicator similar to a mascara brush, making them easy to put on.

Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gelcontains plant extracts and lecithin for thicker, longer lashes in 28 days. LashFood Natural Eyelash conditioner is based on nano peptide technology, developed by a team of cosmetic scientists, to transform brittle lashes to healthy stronger lashes in three to six weeks. Formulated in Italy using precious herbs, DivaDerme Stimulash Conditioning Tonic works on eyelashes and eyebrows. Its intensive formula conditions and protects lashes, delivering nutrients that allow the hair follicle to grow.

For the best results when using these products, remove all eye makeup thoroughly, apply to lashes, and leave on overnight. At a minimum, your lashes will be better conditioned to withstand mascara and eliminate breakage.

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