Makeup Tips for Enhancing the Eyes

Enhance your Beauty with a Liquid Lash Extender

Eyelash extenders, like mascara, make the eyelashes look thicker, longer, and darker. What sets a lash extender apart from mascara is the fact that it is made of fibers that attach to the eyelashes. Mascara, on the other hand, is a thick liquid that simply coats the eyelashes.

There are two basic kinds of eyelash extenders. The all-in-one includes both mascara and eyelash extender fibers and can be applied in one coat. Another type of eyelash extender, such as the Talika Lash Extender, is comprised of loose fibers and requires the use of mascara for proper application. The dry cellulose fibers that are in this liquid eyelash extender will give you long- and luscious lashes for a glamorous look. This popular beauty tool provides immediate results and can be removed easily with your regular makeup remover.

Prior to applying Talika Lash Extender, an initial application of mascara is needed to create wet lashes. Then the extender, which comes in a dry fiber form, is brushed over the tips of wet lashes. Focusing the extender on the tips of the lashes, this is done while looking down as there may be fall-out. If you try to look straight ahead in the mirror, some fibers might get in your eye. Once the extender is on, a second coat of mascara is applied to the lashes, as this will complete the procedure and set the extender.

Keep in mind that the eyelash extender is thought of as a hybrid between mascara and false eyelashes. It is meant to create a more dramatic effect than mascara alone can create. An advantage of eyelash extender is that it does not require adding a set of false eyelashes on top of the existing eyelashes. Instead, the product uses the existing eyelashes as its base structure.

As with any product, be sure to read the instructions. Contact lens wearers should be cautious of eyelash extender fall-out.

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