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An Eye Pencil Sharpener is a Necessity for Cosmetic Pencils

Makeup pencils are available to line eyes, fill in the brow area, and to line lips. Unlike other cosmetic application products that require a little practice, they are easy to use because most women are familiar with holding a pencil, having done so since their childhood days. Just like a writing pencil, however, they become dull with use and need to be sharpened regularly to provide the best application. But don’t grab a standard pencil sharpener, or even an electric sharpener, to sharpen a cosmetic pencil because they will shred it. A cosmetic sharper is made specifically to handle the material used in these pencils, and will give you the refined point needed for the application of a perfect line.

All sharpeners are not the same; there are considerations to think about when purchasing one. The thickness of the pencil is the main concern, as you will find single sharpeners for specific sizes. Your choice will also depend on whether the pencil is wood, plastic or crayon. The sharpener you use for your eye pencil could, and should, work for your lip pencil, but check the size and material before using.

The Prestige Single Sharpener is a basic model that can be used for both lip pencils and eyeliners and comes with a pick to clean any makeup residue from the blade. Glominerals offers a sharpener made specifically for lip crayons, while the Styli-Style Flat Sharpener is made specifically for flat pencils.

Some sharpeners, such the Revlon Universal Points Sharpener, are made to accommodate multiple sizes. In addition to supporting three pencil sizes, it will sharpen both wood and plastic pencils. Maybelline Expert Tools Dual Pencil Sharpener is also made for multiple pencil types. It can accommodate eye, brow and lip pencils in three different sizes. For plastic pencils, and pencils with softer leads, the Styli-Style Trendy Sharpener is a good choice, and comes in fun vibrant colors including ocean blue, orange and purple.

Sharpeners need to be replaced as the blades become dull to avoid pencil breakage. So, if you find a sharpener you like, pick up two so you have a back-up ready to go the next time you need it.

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