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What is the Best Concealer for a Flawless Look?

Unless you were born with flawless skin, it takes a little effort to achieve this look. One of the quickest ways to dramatically improve a woman’s appearance is by using the best eye concealer for her skin tone. Under eye circles are the bane of most women. Although concealers are also known to camouflage skin imperfections, it’s most common use is around the eye area.

Darkness under the eyes is the result of a combination of factors. Some factors are out of our control, such as genetics, allergies and the aging process. As we age, the skin around the eye area thins, making superficial blood vessels more visible. Other factors that are within our control include sleep, stress, smoking, and how we take care of ourselves.

Choose a yellow-toned concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. For extremely dark circles, start with a pink- or peach-toned corrector, and then apply the concealer on top. Do not use concealer that is too light, or one that is too pink or white, or is chalky or greasy.

For the most natural makeup finish, apply your concealer before your foundation. Use a small-headed brush with firm bristles and a generous amount of concealer under the eye. Go along the lash line and innermost corner of the eye. Gently tap the concealer with the pad of your ring finger to blend it in. To avoid midday creasing, lock the concealer in place with loose powder.

You can find a great concealer regardless of budget. L'Oreal Air Wear Long-Wearing Concealer is affordable, smooth, long-lasting, and easy to blend. Air Wear comes in a variety of shades, including a corrector. Another favorite is Pola Silfique Concealer, which consists of a unique two-shade system and an easy-to-use brush applicator.

Remember, looking like a raccoon is not the goal. Take a photo of yourself with and without camera flash. This will be a true test to see if the concealer has a flawless and natural look.

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