Trends for the Bath - from Bathbombs to Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies add a New Twist to Bath Time

When you think of taking a bath to de-stress, the focus is usually on relaxing with calming scents and soothing candles. However, laughter and having fun have long been recommended for relieving stress brought on by the hectic activities of daily life. Instead of bath oil or bubble bath, try adding a little fun by dropping in a bath bomb the next time you decide to soak in the tub. They “fizz” when submerged in water, releasing nourishing minerals and fragrant oils that hydrate the skin.

Just the names of these products will put a child-like smile on your face. Bath Ice Cream, from Me! Bath, uses flavorful ice cream names such as strawberry, sweet peppermint and chocoholic to describe the fragrance of each of these moisturizing ice cream scoops. In addition to Epsom salt, which gives the fizz, each scoop is comprised of a unique six-oil blend, purifying minerals and indulgent fragrances.

Although they are referred to as bath balls, not all fizzes come in a round shape. Bath Bakery Bath Cupcakes, shaped like the popular bakery item - a “cupcake” - look good enough to eat. They come with a simple recipe: take one bath cupcake, add to running water, and relax. When one is not enough, go ahead and pick-up a package that includes a half dozen decadent scents.

With their abundance of bright colors, creative themes and flavorful sounding scents, fizzes not only make adults feel like kids, but are even available in varieties made specifically for kids. Go Fish Dolphin Blueberry Bath Sand comes in a bucket shaped tub with a little shovel, for the complete beach experience. These sand-shaped crystals can be scooped up and dropped into bath water to fizz, and dissolve into a fun, fruit-fragranced bath-time experience.

The next time you take a bath, add a little fizz to the tub and feel like a kid again. It is fantastic for your emotional well-being.

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