Tips on Body Creams and Lotions

Body Lotions Offer Sufficient Moisturizing Benefits for Daily Use

Most women use some form of lotion or cream on their bodies every day, and most women have an arsenal of products in their bathrooms to choose from. They come scented and unscented, in tubes and in bottles, and in a variety of packaging, but they are all developed for the purpose of moisturizing the skin. Natural lotions, becoming increasingly popular, although not defined as such by the FDA, are presumed to be made with ingredients existing in nature and without the use of synthetic chemicals. At a minimum, the majority of lotions labeled as “natural” do not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals, and are not tested on animals.

Both lotions and creams contain an oil agent and a water agent used together to replenish oil in the skin and protect against loss of moisture. Lotions have a higher water content, resulting in a liquid consistency for easy application straight from a bottle or with a pump dispenser. Lotions do not leave a greasy feeling and are usually adequate unless skin is excessively dry. Body creams have a sticky mixture of water and oil, which give them a thicker consistency than lotions, and they usually come in a jar or tub. Creams penetrate the skin, providing a barrier that prevents moisture loss better than lotions; however, they tend to feel greasy or sticky.

Like many moisturizing products, Eucerin offers both a lotion and cream version of its products and because they are fragrance free, and appropriate for children, they have the added benefit of being recommended by dermatologists.

Becoming increasingly popular, and an excellent choice for year-round use, is a daily moisturizer containing sunscreen. Most people forget to apply sun protection during the winter months. Heading to the pool, beach or lake trigger the need for sunscreen, but it is just as important to protect the skin year round. With these moisturizers, you can be assured that you are getting at least some protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

Whether using a lotion or cream, the maximum moisturizing benefits are gained when applying while skin is still damp, no more than 10 minutes after showering.

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