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Tips to Relieve Dry Skin with Body Butters, Creams & Lotions

Body Butters offer Maximum Benefits to Dry Skin

A body butter cream is the “go to” product for alleviating dry skin when a moisturizing lotion is not enough. Skin cells constantly lose moisture, leaving skin feeling dry, and sometimes even itchy. Dry heat in our homes during the winter months, as well as the removal of natural body oils through frequent washing, are the main causes of dry skin.

Body lotions contain two basic ingredients: oil and water. They go on smoothly, absorb quickly, and in general leave no greasy residue. Lotions are usually enough, if added moisture is all that is required. Butters get their oil from nuts and seeds, such as shea nuts, cocoa nuts, mangoes and kukui nuts, making them thicker and better able to saturate the skin, providing longer-lasting moisture to heal dry, damaged skin. Beeswax is added to many butter-based creams to make them longer lasting, but it also makes them a little harder to absorb leaving a slight film on the surface of the skin. The waxless and bar-types of butter are more easily absorbed.

H20+ Spa Sea Marine Cream is an intensive, triple-butter moisture cream containing butter made from shea, cocoa and mango nuts. In addition to delivering replenishing moisture to soothe and protect the skin, the anti-aging marine botanicals add the extra benefit of a youthful appearance.

Korres Yoghurt Butter Cream provides optimum hydration for elbows, heels and knees, which often suffer the most when it comes to dryness. The proteins and anti-inflammatory properties found in yogurt, coupled with shea butter, soothe irritated skin, while nourishing and replenishing at the same time.

For a lighter feel than cream, there are lotions containing shea butter that give your skin the same vitamin A and vitamin E benefits as creams. Bliss offers just such a body butter lotion, formulated with shea butter. This fast-absorbing fluid formula still contains the antioxidant vitamins found in the shea nut for long-lasting conditioning results.

Be sure to keep a butter-based cream handy for the times your skin needs a little more healing and conditioning than a body lotion can provide.

shop best sellers in body butters
Lollia Wander
Lollia Wander
0.33 oz Petite Shea Butter Hand Cream
Lollia At Last No. 17 White Petals & Rice Flower
Lollia At Last No. 17 White Petals & Rice Flower
0.33 oz Petite Shea Butter Hand Cream
Bath & Body Works Carried Away
7.0 oz Intense Moisture Body Butter

recent body butter product reviews

Love it!!!
Love it!!! By Lotion Fanatic from Delaware on 05/13/2013
 Review of Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait (2 Reviews)
What I Like:Absorbs Quickly, Great Smell
Recommended Uses:After Shower/Bath
Comments about Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait, 175g/6oz Body Butter (Jar):
I have been looking for this product for a very long time!! I had purchased it at Target years ago, but they stopped carrying the product. I'm so happy I found it on BE. My favorite part is the scent!!

Will order more!
Will order more! By kntessa from midmichigan on 03/26/2013
 Review of Scottish Fine Soaps Arboria (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Absorbs Quickly, Effective, Goes on Smoothly, Great Smell, Lightweight, Long-Lasting, Moisturizes Skin, Not Greasy, Softens Skin
Recommended Uses:After Shower/Bath, Bedtime, Deep Moisturization, Dry Skin, Winter Dryness
Comments about Scottish Fine Soaps Arboria, 200ml/7oz Body Butter (Tube):
Love this product. Not heavy and greasy. Unique fresh smell. Helping me keep my light tan longer.

calming the stretch marks
calming the stretch marks By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/24/2013
 Review of Noodle & Boo Perfecting Creme (2 Reviews)
Comments about Noodle & Boo Perfecting Creme, 99g/3.5oz:
erased the heavy lines of my stretch marks

stretch marks
stretch marks By colleenstyle from burlington on 02/24/2013
 Review of Noodle & Boo Perfecting Creme (2 Reviews)
Comments about Noodle & Boo Perfecting Creme, 99g/3.5oz:
stretch marks are the bane of my existence and this cream has helped combat those hideous marks. it does dry quickly and after frequent use you do notice a difference. just wish it was a bigger bottle!

smells so clean!
smells so clean! By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
Comments about Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream, 200ml/6.7oz:
the scent of lemon always smells so clean and crisp- and this lotion really delivered, I hadn't used much of the bliss products until it was gifted to me in a basket over the holidays and now I will definitely be a repeat buyer

nice By scarlet from houston on 02/03/2013
Comments about Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream, 200ml/6.7oz:
having tried the blood orange products by this same line, I decided to try the lemon as well, and have been equally as pleased, the scent is great and light. I love the scent of lemon, especially in the warmer months, and tend to gravitate towards citrus flavors during that time of year. this is an excellent addition to the lotion rotation for those hot days

love the scent of blood orange
love the scent of blood orange By scarlet from houston on 02/03/2013
Comments about Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream, 200ml/6.7oz:
I love the scent of blood orange, and have fallen in love with this line from bliss products, it is pricier but leaves skin smooth and the scent is amazing. its long lasting, much longer lasting than many other body butters out there.

fresh scent
fresh scent By scarlet from houston on 01/31/2013
Comments about Archipelago Botanicals Morning Mint Body Butter, 7.14 oz:
I love this light scent of mint, leaves skin feeling smooth and lovely. long lasting

not crazy about the smell
not crazy about the smell By scarlet from houston on 01/27/2013
 Review of Fruits & Passion Argan (1 Review)
Comments about Fruits & Passion Argan, 8.8 oz Nourishing Body Butter:
bought this due to the inclusion of argan but was not crazy about the smell. will be trying other firming products

Disappointed. By Country girl from Washington on 12/30/2012
 Review of One Minute Body Butter (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Great Smell
What I Don't Like:Doesn't Last Long, Expensive, Ineffective
Comments about One Minute Body Butter, Blueberry:
For the size, needs to be a lot cheaper! It's way too expensive!! Doesn't work very well and I think it was a waste of money!

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