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Tips for Moisturizing Your Skin

Beauty Oil is a Smart Addition to your Moisturizing Routine

When we think of moisturizing our skin, we often think of lotions and creams. But oils are another option worth considering. All oils for skin including body oil, perfumed oils, massage oil, and bath oil have hydrating benefits. If you are a woman who enjoys layering her perfume scent with the matching lotion, mixing in unscented body oil is a good way to add extra hydration to your skin without compromising your scent.

Becoming increasingly popular are perfumed oils, such as those from C.O. Bigelow, which can be applied directly to the skin as you would apply perfume, or mixed with your favorite lotion. These highly fragranced oils are available in warm scents including amber and musk, floral scents such as freesia and rose, and cool scents like verbena and vanilla. The oils can also be mixed together to create your own signature scent. Mixed with lotion, perfumed oils create a nice combination for moisturizing the skin. When pairing this type of oil with lotion, be sure to select a lotion that is unscented.

The best oils for skin have aromatherapy properties or health properties in addition to being excellent moisturizers. Aromatherapy properties include “invigorating,” which you will find in mint oil, eucalyptus oil and citrus oil, while lavender oil, sandalwood oil, Ylang Ylang oil and cinnamon oil are examples of those with “stress-reducing” properties. Anti-inflammatory health properties can be found in Tea Tree, rosemary and chamomile oil, while clove oil, lavender oil and Tea Tree oil all also provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

Massage oils are an important addition to your at-home spa products. California Fleurish offers a nice line of natural cold pressed massage oils in a variety of scents including lemongrass, French lavender, and Pacific woods. These oils can also be added to the bath water when you prefer a scented, moisturizing bath, minus the bubbles.

Using oils for the bath not only helps hydrate the skin but offers a sense of well-being through the aromatherapy properties and health properties mentioned above. The morning bather can pick oil with an “invigorating” scent to kick-start her day, while the nighttime bather can choose a “stress-reducing” scented oil to unwind and relax after a tough day.

If you include any type of oil in your daily beauty routine, you will be treating your skin to extra hydration.

recent beauty oils product reviews

JASON Natural Tea Tree Oil Pure Oil
JASON Natural Tea Tree Oil Pure Oil By Health freak from MA. on 03/01/2013
 Review of JASON Natural Tea Tree Oil Pure Oil (2 Reviews)
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Great Value
What I Don't Like:Unpleasant Smell
Comments about JASON Natural Tea Tree Oil Pure Oil, 1.0 oz:
Im still in the trial use of the product so i cant give you a full evaluation yet,but so far it seems to be doing what others said it would do.

helps fine lines
helps fine lines By cosmeticcolleen from burlington on 02/28/2013
Comments about JASON Natural Vitamin E Oil 32,000 I.U. Pure Beauty Oil, 1.0 oz:
the vitamin e reduces fine lines

tea tree oil
tea tree oil By scarlet from houston on 01/27/2013
 Review of JASON Natural Tea Tree Oil Pure Oil (2 Reviews)
Comments about JASON Natural Tea Tree Oil Pure Oil, 1.0 oz:
tea tree oil is amazing, great for skin, great for acne

This Feels Like Motor Oil!
This Feels Like Motor Oil! By Never Again from Torrance Ca on 01/23/2013
What I Don't Like:Doesn't Absorb Well, Greasy, Heavy, Unpleasant Smell
Comments about JASON Natural Vitamin E Oil 32,000 I.U. Pure Beauty Oil, 1.0 oz:
This product felt like Motor Oil! It was very thick, did not spread and was so sticky I had to wash my skin several time to get the product off my skin. I am not sure if this was a bad batch. I have never experienced a product like this before!

Avene By Annett from NEW YORK on 12/26/2012
What I Like:Absorbs Quickly, Goes on Smoothly, Great Smell, Moisturizes Skin
Recommended Uses:After Shower/Bath, Bedtime, Deep Moisturization
Comments about Avene Eau Thermale Body Oil for Dry and Very Dry Sensitive Skin, 200ml/6.76oz:
This is the first time using this product and i love the smell, i use it right after my shower and it is very moisturizing and my skin feel so smooth i love this product.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Care Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Care Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray By Kate from Melbourne Australia on 06/26/2012
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Goes on Smoothly, Great Smell, Lightweight, Moisturizes Skin, Not Greasy, Softens Skin
Recommended Uses:After Shower/Bath, Dry Skin, Winter Dryness
Comments about Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Care Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray, 100ml/3.3oz:
Love this product. It had a lovely almond scent

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