Trends in Bath Appliances

There is a Bath Radio to Fit Everyone’s Needs

Things have come a long way since electronic designers first thought of a radio for shower use. If you enjoy a favorite radio station for music, weather or sports, you don’t have to miss it, even when you are in the shower. Or, maybe you are more of a “playlist” person, and want to have the same music experience in the shower or bath that you have with your iPod or other MP3 player. You will see from the many options, that shower radios have come a long way; and it is no longer a “one fits all” solution when shopping for them.

For someone who wants to keep it simple and just listen to their favorite FM stations, the compact Zadro iSing, at $15, is a dependable model with quality sound and reception.

The Zadro Shower Bug and ShowerMan FM Radio are water-resistant radios that offer a whimsical twist for the fun-at-heart individualist. Both these units come in a variety of colors including blue, lime, purple and pink, and attach easily to the shower wall with four suction cups. At $15 each, they are an inexpensive way to add a smile to a morning shower.

For the individual who wants to get both the morning traffic report from their favorite radio station and also be able to listen to their favorite playlist, some shower radios now offer a watertight compartment for your iPod. They travel, too. From the bath to the beach to the pool; the water-resistant design makes it a device you’ll want to keep close at hand.

These are only a few of the many radio in shower options available to consumers. Whether you like to sing in the shower, or simply relax in the bathtub with your favorite jazz station, you will find a water-proof radio just right for you.

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