Bath Tips

Bath Pillows Complete a Home Spa Experience

If you can’t afford the time or expense of a spa getaway, you can create the luxury and comfort of a spa experience in your own bathroom. Whether a struggling student, corporate executive, or stay-at-home mom, every woman needs that quiet time to indulge herself and her senses. There is no better way to accomplish this than a relaxing bath, complete with a spa pillow.

To create the perfect bath experience, start with your favorite bath salts or foaming bath liquid. Candles are the perfect addition to engage your sense of smell and to create the ambience for total relaxation. A playlist or CD with sounds from nature such as gentle rainfall, babbling brooks, or the soothing rhythm of ocean waves can add to the spa experience.

The final touch, and most important item for comfort, is a pillow on which to rest your head. When shopping for bath products, the pillow can be an often-overlooked item. The relaxing mood you have set with bubbles, candles and music can be ruined when your head hits the cold hard tile of your tub surface.

Today, there are quite a variety of pillows designed specifically for the bath. Whether you like to keep it simple, or go high tech, there is a bathtub pillow to fit your taste. Spa Sister has taken the once-standard inflatable plastic pillow, replaced the plastic with terry fabric, and offered it in a palette of colors including sky blue, celery and pomegranate, to match your bathroom decor. There are many pillows that now come with covers that are removable for washing, and pillows filled with tiny beads, rather than air, to allow the pillow to contour to your head. New on the scene are pillows made with a highly absorbent fabric that soaks up water in an instant, keeping your hair dry while your head relaxes. For those of you always searching for the latest technology, SoftSpa offers a pillow with two vibration massage settings that you can control with a waterproof wireless remote.

Once you have the perfect pillow, it’s time to kick off your shoes, forget about your day, and indulge yourself in a relaxing bath. You deserve it!

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