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Beauty Buzz About Bath Cloths

Bath Cloths are Not Only for Grown-ups

When thinking of bath sponges, brushes, loofahs and exfoliating gloves, you think of women. Whether for the shower or the tub, women are fans of all kinds of bath products, especially those that aid in the beauty routine. In addition to the once- standard bar of soap sitting in the shower, you will now find liquid soaps, gel soaps and cream washes, but also textured cloths in a variety of styles to help with their application.

Over the last several years, “exfoliating” has become the buzzword when talking about the bath and shower beauty category. Every bath product line includes at least one exfoliating wash, gel or paste. There are also special gloves for exfoliating, which can be used with any soap or gel. The slightly coarse texture of these gloves does the job in sloughing away dead skin cells, while the ability to apply soap using your own hands allows for the greatest coverage.

Spa Sister Bathing Gloves were designed with raised dots as an extra texture to aid in the exfoliating process, and to increase circulation at the same time, which leaves skin primed for moisturizing. They are also great for giving a little extra attention to the rough patches on elbows, knees and heels.

Other innovative products include the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth, which is made to dry quickly and create more lather, while using less soap.

Kids have always been a fan of liquid bubble bath products for both the fun bubbles to play with, and also for the variety of available scents including cherry, grape, and the always-popular bubble gum. Tub toys long ago expanded beyond the “old school” rubber ducky and boat. Today, cleaning products for kids can even double as bath toys. Go Fish offers a variety of bath mitts for kids in shapes of colorful sea creatures. The lobster, turtle and octopus mitts double as hand puppets for bath time conversation and fun. These can be especially useful for coaxing little ones into the bathtub. If your son or daughter is not a fan of bath time, seeing these fun-loving critters waiting in the tub just might do the trick.

As you shop Beauty Encounter for your favorite bath products, remember to order something for the kids, too!

recent bath glove product reviews

Exfoliating gloves
Exfoliating gloves By Gemsie from Australia on 06/11/2014
 Review of Spa Sister Bathing Gloves (1 Review)
What I Like:Compact, Easy to Use, Effective
Recommended Uses:Baths, Showers
Comments about Spa Sister Bathing Gloves, Blue:
These exfoliating gloves do exactly what you would expect; rub away dead skin cells

Love these socks!
Love these socks! By murphy85 from cleveland, oh on 10/16/2013
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Easy to Use, Effective, Functional, Great Value
Recommended Uses:Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Travel
Comments about Ralyn Night Care Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks, 1 Pair - Leopard Print:
This product is wonderful! If you have dry,cracked heels, these are wonderful/ a little vasoline and these heel socks worn at night and within days, your heels are soft again!!!

a great scrub
a great scrub By makeuplisa from hartford on 03/06/2013
Comments about Spa Sister Skin Polishing Towel Cleanse & Renew, Navy:
this was a great little towel to use in the tub, my skin looks renewed and glowing

what a find
what a find By colleenstyle from burlington on 02/24/2013
Comments about Salux Beauty Skin Cloth - Made in Japan, 1 Cloth (Assorted Color):
so excited to find these on this site! these are amazing

great By scarlet from houston on 02/02/2013
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer, Brand Buyer
What I Like:Easy to Use, Effective, Gentle, Great Value
Recommended Uses:Combination Skin, Daily Use, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Travel
Comments about Spa Sister Deluxe Moisture Enhancing Socks, Pink:
I had read a trick to lather your feet in vaseline and then put socks on before you go to bed. I thought I would try out these socks, and am happy with the results. the socks arent so heavy that you want to kick them off in the middle of the night, my feet are already showing a difference. would definitely recommend.

Salux By Gerri from Walnut Ridge, Ar on 05/19/2012
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Effective, Gentle, Great Design
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Oily Skin, Showers
Comments about Salux Beauty Skin Cloth - Made in Japan, 1 Cloth (Assorted Color):
I love this product but I do wish they made some smaller sizes for the face..I get several and cut them down and make at least 2 out of one and hem them to make wash clothes...

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