Hair Removal Tips

What you need for At-Home Waxing Hair Removal Treatments

Waxing can be a time-consuming and expensive process if you opt to have your waxing done professionally. You must first find a skilled esthetician and then hope she’s available when you can schedule an appointment. Then there is the cost of a salon treatment, including tip. Sometimes it just makes more sense to try waxing at home.

What will you need to get ready to do your own hair removal treatment? It starts with selecting the right waxing warmer for your needs. There are many on the market at all price points. Look for a wax machine with a temperature control setting to keep the wax at the temperature you need, an indicator light that alerts you that the wax has reached the desired temperature and cover that helps maintain the desired consistency of the wax.

You’ll also need the wax itself. Gigi wax is considered one of the most popular products available and it works with the Gigi’s own wax warmer kits. The company has microwaveable wax, wax sticks, cold hard wax – all designed for at-home use.

If you have a microwave oven, waxing at home is easy with the Andrea collection. Whether you’re removing unwanted hair from the face or the body, the Hard Wax Kit (which costs about $10) offers hot or cold waxing. The do-it-yourself product makes the process very convenient.

Wax strips are another alternative to in-home hair removal. If you’re in need of a quick waxing treatment that’s fast and convenient, wax strips are the answer. They’re available in different sizes, so you can easily treat the desired area without waste. The strips are easy to pack in your cosmetics bag for traveling. And they do the trick. Press on, strip off and you’re done!

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