Tips for Your Skin Care Routine

Just What is a Facial Toner, and Why Do You Need One?

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. The three tenants of good skin care. Using a face toner, however, is a bit of a mystery for some. What is a facial toner and why is it as important as the other two skin care steps? Toners wipe away dirt and oils that cleansers can leave behind, and they set the foundation for you to benefit most from your moisturizer. There are many other benefits to facial toners, as well.

A good toner, such as Estee Lauder toner will help to reduce the size of your pores, making your skin look and feel more youthful. Toners also restore your skin’s pH balance after using alkaline cleansers. Your body will naturally rebalance, but it produces more oils when doing so. A toner, such as Clinique toner, speeds the restorative process and reduces oil excretion. Another benefit of the best toners is that they serve to protect the skin from harboring bacteria. Closed pores and less oils mean the chance for bacteria to breed (causing blemishes) is greatly reduced. Finally, it’s said that using a face toner that contains alpha hydroxyl acids may reduce the amount of ingrown facial hairs men may experience.

So what ingredients are in the best facial toners? The ingredients in astringents and toners vary in type and strength. The mildest toners have very little alcohol – usually less than 10 percent – and contain a product such as glycerin, designed to help the skin retain moisture. Often called “refreshers” or “toner mists” these facial toners are best for dry and sensitive skin. Soothing cucumber and rosewater are popular misters.

So-called “tonics” are a bit more drying due to the increased amount of alcohol (up to about 20 percent) and can be used on those with normal to oily skin.

“Astringents” are the most powerful of the toners and often are used to spot treat problem oily areas. They can contain as much as 60 percent alcohol.

It’s important to select the right toner for your skin type and there are plenty to choose from. Lancome toner is a popular brand, as is Pangea Organics. Both help freshen and renew the skin.

Guys benefit in the same way women do from the best facial toners for men.

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