Tips for Protecting Your Skin

Effectively Treating Sunburns

There is a reason southern belles have such beautiful, porcelain-perfect skin. They rarely are outdoors without sun protection. Between fashionable wide-brimmed hats and lacey parasols, the amount of sun that reaches their skin has already been dramatically reduced. Sun-savvy women know that sunscreen with moisturizer is also a necessity, when spending any amount of time outdoors.

We can’t hide from the sun, however. There are benefits from minimal exposure, including soaking up much-needed vitamin D, which helps us to absorb calcium, ultimately helping to build stronger bones.

But too much sun can be dangerous. Maladies such as skin damage from ultraviolet rays, eye damage and even skin cancer are possible. That’s why it’s recommended that moisturizing sunscreen be used even if your sun exposure is minimal.

Even smart sun worshippers can be surprised by the strength of the sun’s penetrating rays which can do damage even on cloudy days, when the sun appears to be hidden. Studies show that most of us underestimate the amount of sunscreen needed to combat the dangerous UV radiation that can cause sunburns. Not only can sunburns cause premature aging of the skin and the serious conditions mentioned above, but they can also be quite painful.

See a doctor if the burn area covers large areas of your body with blisters, or if you develop a high fever. But if you’re seeking the answer to how to care for your skin yourself, you may find it in your own home. First aid remedies for treating sunburn include many things you can do to reduce pain and swelling. Try to keep the affected area cool by applying cold compresses or a damp washcloth. Taking a cool bath is a quick way to calm burning skin on the back and legs. Over-the-counter pain relievers may also help reduce the pain temporarily. Treating sunburn doesn’t mean you have to seek expensive creams or lotions.

If you prefer to use products such as a cooling gel or an aloe cream there are many creams for sunburns to select from. Dermalogica After Sun Repair is a balm that helps in treating sunburns. Its seaweed extracts and soothing botanicals protect the skin from future damage as it also works to cool and repair the affected skin. Clinique After Sun Rescue is a balm that is available in regular or aloe. The cooling balm helps moisturize skin and prevent peeling.

With smart planning and proper after-sun care, you can enjoy the outdoors worry free.

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